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Home Buying Tips 101

Owning a home is part of the American dream. Even so, it is a big financial decision with many factors to consider. Rather than letting the stress overshadow your excitement, here some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Find a Realtor

Using a realtor can alleviate some of the pressure that comes with home buying because you have an expert on your side. A realtor is there to answer questions, provide advice and suggestions and help with contract negotiation. In addition, they can provide guidance during the inspections and loan process. Experienced realtors have numerous resources, so do not hesitate to ask them for help. Industry leaders know everything there is to know about buying and selling houses. They have tips and tricks they’ve learned first hand over the years. Trusted realtors, such as Asheville, North Carolina Realtors, take pride in finding their clients the right home at the right price.

Negotiate a Contract

Contracts are a necessity when it comes to purchasing a house and realtors are trained in contract negotiation. Even if you think the sales price is firm, you might be surprised at what a realtor could work out. Negotiation is always on the table. Do not miss the important details of the contract by rushing through it. A good realtor will walk you through each section and explain what you are signing.

Think Long-Term

Buying a house is a big deal and it can be a great investment. Make sure you think long-term when choosing a house. Do you plan on having children? Do you have a parent who may move in with you? Is your job situation solid? Make sure you consider life events when selecting a home. Your immediate future will also come into play when considering your loan options. Talk with your mortgage professional about your long-term goals and plans.

Consider All Your Options

Even if you think you aren’t going to like a home, it pays to still go see it. Countless homebuyers have surprised themselves once they toured the inside of the home and the yard. Create a long list of options and then consider each one. Look at the pros and cons. What did you like or dislike about each house? Make a running list of your needs and wants. The more houses you see, the more your eyes will be open to the possibilities.

See the Big Picture

No house is perfect. Even new construction can have issues. Do your best to look at the house as a whole. Small changes like paint or wallpaper are not difficult or expensive. However, if you are anticipating major renovations you may want to keep looking. There are a lot of costs associated with bigger projects. Renovating a room includes buying the materials and the cost of labor. This can add up quickly so keep this in mind when thinking about your plans for the house. Maintenance is another important factor that can affect your budget. Look at what it will take to maintain the yard and the home.

Make it Affordable

Financial experts recommend buying a home that you can afford for obvious reasons. When you go house shopping chose a price range that allows for some wiggle room. Many other costs come along with being a homeowner, such as insurance, taxes, homeowner fees and maintenance costs. Make sure you figure in these costs when creating your budget. If you know you like to travel or buy nice cars, don’t strap yourself financially so that you are house poor. Considering all the costs and your priorities will help with planning.

Don’t Feel Pressured

If it’s not the right time to buy a house, don’t do it. If the type of house you want in the neighborhood you want is too expensive right now, don’t rush things. Take a few more years to save and revisit the idea later. The housing market is constantly changing and so are the interest rates. If your current position isn’t ideal wait it out a little bit. You’ll thank yourself for being patient.

Buying a home is a major life decision. It takes a big financial commitment to cover all the costs associated with home buying, so don’t rush your decision. Partner with a realtor who can help and take your time. Find the house that will suit you and your family the best now and in the future.