Here’s why hiring a truck accident lawyer is no important

Highway A66 Exit 40 Langenselbold, Germany - February 24, 2012: Semi truck left the right lane of highway and entered the embankment. Some luck had the driver of this truck, just before the guardrail the truck came to stand. If he had hit the guardrail, the truck might have been tipped onto the road. There were no other vehicles involved with the accident, the driver remained uninjured. Accident cause probably fatigue of the driver.

The aftermath of an accident involving a commercial truck or 18-wheeler can be devastating. Unfortunately, a bunch of such cases and crashes are reported in New Mexico every year. Most victims have one question in mind – Is it important to hire a lawyer? The role of experienced attorneys for claims and lawsuits related to commercial vehicle accidents is often understated. In this post, we are sharing more on why you must consider hiring one of Albuquerque 18-wheeler accident lawyers

  1. Because you need strategy

The biggest concern related to 18-wheeler accidents is liability. Just because a truck driver was behind the wheel, you cannot directly pin the blame. In case of truck accidents, multiple parties and layers of insurance come into play. An accident could have been related to faulty parts, manufacturing defects, or sometimes, just about bad vehicle maintenance. You definitely need a truck accident lawyer by your side, because they can help with strategy. Most lawsuits and cases are settled outside of court, but circumstances may vary. 

  1. Because your injuries are severe

If you have suffered serious injuries that can impact your life and ability to earn in the future, you should meet an attorney at the earliest. Keep in mind that the impact of an accident on your body may not be apparent the right way. A skilled truck accident lawyer knows what it takes to evaluate a claim, and they will do what it takes to negotiate. Top law firms in Albuquerque are not afraid of taking on big trucking companies and insurance giants. 

  1. Because you were partly at fault

Just because an 18-wheeler was involved in the accident, the blame doesn’t shift right away. Note that New Mexico follows the “pure comparative negligence” rule. This means that if you had part share of fault, your awarded compensation will reduce accordingly. In case of truck accidents, many federal and state laws can intersect, and with you having a share of fault, things can be really complicated. 

Consider all these aspects, hiring a truck accident lawyer is an absolute must. The best thing is most truck accident lawyers in New Mexico will work on a contingency fee for such cases. This means that there is no need to pay the lawyer, until they win. That said, make sure that you hire an attorney with experience in truck accident lawsuits, and don’t shy away from asking about their work profile before you hire one.  

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