Gold plated jewellery: Is it worth buying

Gold plated jewellery are the ones which have a layer of gold on top of the metal out of which the jewellery is made. Now, there is this notion that gold plated jewellery is fake. However, a piece of jewellery such as gold earrings for girls, being gold plated does not necessarily mean that it is fake. It just signifies that the jewellery is not entirely made up of gold but just the top layer is. So now the question arrives, whether or not to invest in gold plated jewellery. Well, that is a decision you got to make. We are here to simply lay down the facts.

Pros of gold plated jewellery:

Gold plated jewellery may not half equal to quality and value as a piece of solid gold jewellery would have. However, it does have some merits to it. Check them out!

  1. They have a similar outlook as a piece of gold jewellery would have. At a glance, it is a bit difficult too understand which jewellery is gold plated and which one is made up of solid gold.
  2. They are much more affordable than solid gold jewellery. The hence can be bought and enjoyed by many more people who may not have the economic luxury to invest in a piece of gold jewellery. 
  3. It is not so easy to handle pure gold. Their hands are not many options in solid gold jewellery. However, gold plated jewellery has many options from which you can choose. They are quite easy to make and find as well.

Cons of gold plated jewellery:

Below listed as some of the demerits that you would have to face were you to buy a gold plated piece of jewellery. Have a look.

  1. They are not entirely made of gold. There is thus a good chance of the jewellery getting tarnished over time.
  2. They are not such a good item to invest your money in. Even though they might look like solid gold jewellery, they would not hold the same value as the solid gold ones. The amount of gold used in it is minimal and hence would not fetch a similar amount as a solid gold piece of jewellery would.
  3. They may also get chipped or scratched quite easily. This would automatically result in degrading their outlook. 

Having read through the pros and cons of buying a gold plated jewellery call mom it is now your decision whether or not you would like to invest in one. Getting jewellery for daily use such as gold earrings designs for daily use in gold plated jewellery would not be such harmful. But whether you could make use of them on grand occasions is something you should conclude.