Face Value – Why The Location Of Your Singapore Office Really Matters

Although it is one of the most bustling business centres in the world, Singapore can still be a difficult place to establish yourself onto the scene. If you are an entrepreneur or startup that is looking to Singapore to start or expand your business, there are several things to consider before making the leap.

The location of your office, for example, can have a dramatic impact on your business in many ways. This is why premium providers of serviced office spaces choose high-quality locations such as Raffles Place in the centre of Singapore’s financial district. The benefits, both tangible and intangible, that a high-quality location can bring to your business need to be considered to give you the resources necessary to make an effective choice.

To this end, let’s look at some specific reasons why the location of your Singapore office really matters.

Instant Prestige And Credibility

Breaking into the business world and being taken seriously as a viable company is essential to your success in Singapore. There is no better way to gain an instant boost in respect and prestige than to use a serviced office provider who offers a well-known and respected address for your headquarters.

One premium provider Servcorp, for example, offers serviced office spaces in the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2. This building is designed to be a purpose-built financial hub with national importance. With distinguished exterior and interior construction, your company can occupy space on one of the tower’s fifty floors alongside major players in the international business community.

Being situated in proximity to such an elite group of multinational corporations can quickly allow your business to rise to the top. Using a respected address on all of your business materials, from letterheads to company reports, will bring intangible credibility to your company that can quickly open new doors and prospects.

Accessibility Is Key

Situating your business in a good location is also important when you are considering accessibility. Being able to have your team reach the building easily and on-time is vital to being efficient and constructive with their time and energy. Premium providers of serviced office space ensure that their spaces are located near a variety of transportation routes and hubs. The Marina Bay Financial Centre, for example, is easily reachable by train, taxi, and bus. For visiting VIPs, it is only a twenty-five-minute drive from the airport.

Interior Spaces To Project Confidence

Top-quality serviced office providers know that the right working environment can dramatically increase productivity and motivation. Working in surroundings that project the confidence of your company can bring new meaning and inspiration to your team.

As such, choosing a high-quality location from a premium provider of serviced office spaces will guarantee that the highest standards of interior styling are met. This includes handpicked artwork, leather furniture, and granite floors, all necessary ingredients to take your business seriously.

Good locations also need to be backed up by traditional office essentials. Avoid any serviced office location that cannot provide the basics such as well-maintained printing, scanning, faxing, and copying facilities. While these may not be as eye-catching as other interior details, they are all too necessary for the success of your business.

Find Yourself In Singapore

Singapore is ranked as one of the easiest places to do business in the world by the World Bank. Take advantage of this fact and give your business the best chance at success by considering location in your expansion plans. Consider these points and inform yourself about the country’s specifics to make the best decision possible.