Everything to Know About Buying Used Ford Parts

EL ALTO, BOLIVIA - APRIL 23, 2015: Spare parts of vehicles for sale at a market in El Alto, Bolivia.

Are you the proud owner of a Ford vehicle and you’re looking for some spare parts? Do you sometimes wonder if buying used parts is a good way to save money?

There are more than 1,600 used car parts wholesalers in the US. That’s not a lot of companies but they recycle a lot of vehicles.

If you were thinking of buying used Ford parts, there’s more to it than saving money. Here’s more information that can help you with your decision.

Be Specific About Your Needs

When you are shopping for used car parts it helps to determine exactly what you want before you go looking. If you can bring the old vehicle parts with you, it will help ensure you buy the right replacement.

Check your user manual for the name of the parts needed to repair the problem. If you’re going to a dealer, bring along your vehicle identification number (VIN). That allows them to choose a part that will work for your specific vehicle.

Where To Buy Used Ford Parts?

There are several ways to source used car parts. You can search for the part you’re looking for online. You’ll want to delve into the history of the part before you make your decision to purchase it online. Ask about the seller’s return policy as well.

Swap meets are a great way to find used parts for older vehicles. The prices will likely be lower but there won’t be a way to return the part if you’re not happy. You can find used automobile parts at your local junkyard.  

You can find quality used Ford parts at specialized online stores. They will have detailed photos to ensure you get the right part. Another thing to look for is fast shipping options to ensure you receive your parts quickly.

In every case, do your research to be sure that you’re sourcing the right part from a reputable seller. Most used parts aren’t returnable so you don’t want to waste your money.

Sometimes New Is Better

There are certain times when it doesn’t make sense to replace a part with a used one. If you’re buying a door handle or a side mirror, a used part will be fine. Used spark plugs aren’t going to do the trick.

Preplace parts that wear out quickly with new ones. Larger components such as an alternator, transmission, or radiator will cost more if you purchase them as new parts, but they’ll come with a warranty. 

Used auto parts like transmissions or rear ends are generally rebuilt so they work as well as new when you install them in your vehicle. 

Only buy rebuilt parts from a reputable dealer and ensure they have a warranty.

Make Your Decision With Confidence

Now that you understand when it’s appropriate to buy used Ford parts, you can make an informed decision that best suits your situation. You can be confident in your purchase when you know it meets your needs.

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