Early Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, is one of the most common sexual disorders for men to have. One of the most common myths about erectile dysfunction is that a man, usually older, man wakes up one day and finds he cannot get an erection. For the majority of men, this is not the case. It is usually a longer process and occurs slowly over time. Our team at Pulse Medical wants you to know the warning signs so that we can assist you and get your sex life back.

Difficulty getting an erection

The most noticeable symptom of this disorder is a man slowly losing his ability to start an erection. At the start, a man may find it takes longer than normal to get a full erection. This may get to a point when erections have to be started with more stimulation.

Problems maintaining an erection

Erectile dysfunction is most known from preventing men from getting erections, it also prevents men from maintaining one. It’s not uncommon for a man with ED to find himself becoming less hard during sex. This can result in some embarrassing situations in the middle of sex. If you find yourself having trouble maintaining an erection even when engaging in sexual activity, you might be in the early stages of developing ED.

Sexual Desire Decreases

A decrease in sexual desire is not uncommon for men suffering from ED. This can be caused by issues, biological or emotional. Imbalances in hormones in the body, like testosterone, may lower the functionality of an erection. Men with ED may feel embarrassed about their condition. These emotions, which often appear as shame and depression lower a man’s sexual desire. Recognizing this issue is critical to starting the path to a solution.

Loss of Sensitivity

One of the more less known symptoms of ED is a loss of sensations in the penis. As men grow older they notice it takes more stimulation to get an erection. Many factors could create this such as medical problems, hormone levels, or problems with the receptors in their penis as one grows older.


Erectile Dysfunction does not happen overnight, the problem gradually builds over time. Trouble maintaining or getting an erection, loss of sensitivity in the penis, and lowered sex drive are all signs of this issue developing. Don’t wait, let our expert doctors help you today! To learn more about Corewave™ and erectile dysfunction.

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