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Benefits of installing James Hardie siding on your Florida home

What are the benefits of installing James Hardie siding on your Florida home?

James Hardie siding is American made. It also provides a huge cost savings that you and your family will love. It is resistant to cracking, splitting, and rotting, which means you won’t have to patch cracks, repaint it, or replace it. This home siding is stronger than competitors due to the fiber cement used to create it. The siding is specially engineered to withstand the diverse climates found across the country which is why they are one of the most trusted companies in America. This siding protects against heat, humidity, wind, and UV levels. All of which cause major damage when left unattended.

Why is it important to protect against the common weather elements?

Heat and moisture cause siding to swell which in turn causes it to pull away. This allows sheathing to rot and mold to grow. The material also breaks down and has to be replaced frequently and requires maintenance at least twice per year to ensure there isn’t damage due to regular weather conditions. We know Florida has above average weather conditions which become very costly to homeowners. The cost can become daunting and overwhelming. However, when fiber cement siding is used, even hectic weather becomes easy to deal with. This siding will withstand hurricane and tropical winds up to 150 miles per hour and most insurance companies will offer discounts when fiber cement siding is used.

Why are color choices important?

We know that color might seem like an odd topic to focus on, but colors allow everyone to express themselves in whichever way best fits them and James Hardie siding offers one of the widest ranges of beautiful colors to choose. They are also UV resistant. It is important to protect against UV rays because they deplete color over time and leave homes looking older than they are. The registered ColorPlus® technology makes the fiber cement siding 30 percent more fade resistant than other brands so you can show your best Warm, Cool, Fresh, Light, Dark, or Neutral self year round. The colors can even be mixed and matched to provide an eclectic and eye capturing home that stands out for years and stands up to weather. The myriad colors can also be matched to doors, shutters, and other areas of your home to compliment as well as protect.

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