Different Strap Styles For Your Watch

Choosing a watch is a big commitment, even if it doesn’t seem like it is. You are potentially committing to a watch for a number of years, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change it up a bit. Why not change the style of your watch by choosing different style watch straps.

So why should you change your watch strap? Perhaps you do not like the way your current watch strap feels or looks. Maybe your strap is broken or worn and perhaps it’s time for a new one. Maybe you just got tired of the way it looks and you want to bring in a fresh new style or look to your accessories. Next, we explore some of the watch strap styles you can choose from.

Rubber Strap

A Rolex rubber strap is great for many different reasons. The rubber will do great in water, you never have to worry about ruining the material when the watch gets wet. As long as the rest of the watch is waterproof, you can swim and shower and your strap will be fine.

Leather Strap

Perhaps the most popular choice, you can choose genuine leather or faux leather, depending on your budget. Remember though, that over time, the color of your leather strap may start to fade. Although this worn leather look is quite desirable. If you are looking for long term use, definitely opt for the more expensive leather straps.

Perlon Strap

A Perlon strap is a great choice if you want a watch strap that is both elegant and comfortable. The material is a type of fabric is very comfortable to wear. Although it is very comfortable, it is also suitable to wear during smart events of functions. The downfall with this choice is that you should definitely avoid water when wearing this watch. If you need to shower or wash the dishes, take the watch off first so that the strap doesn’t get ruined.

Bracelet Strap

Last, but not least, the bracelet strap. This is a classic and elegant strap choice. It comes in silvers or golds, and you can select one depending on which you think would match your style more. The downfall with this strap is if you don’t wear it for a while, it can become stiff, you will have to take it to a professional to get the kinks out. Other than that, it is a solid choice for a watch strap.

There you go, the most popular watch straps choices to help mix up your watch look and feel. Go through the list, see which one you like the most, find what suits you, and enjoy your watches’ new style.

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