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Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors can be a great decorating tool. Black mirror frames can reflect light, open up spaces, and make a room appear larger. Before you start decorating with mirrors, there are a few tips to consider.

Consider the Reflection: Before you hang up a mirror, pay attention to what is across from it. Many people will often just hang a mirror based on available wall space without considering what will be reflected in it. Artwork or furniture that is across from the mirror will be given more importance in the room. If it is possible, hang a mirror across from a window in order to help increase the light in the room.

Placement Does Matter: A mirror should be hung at an appropriate height for the space. While art should always be hung at eye level, there is more leeway with black mirror frames. Mirror placement should depend on what you want to be reflected. Eye level does work in many instances but can be lower or higher depending on different circumstances.

Think Bigger: Don’t be afraid to use a large mirror in a smaller space. Since mirrors help create the illusion of depth, they can make a small room feel bigger. A full-length mirror against the wall in a tiny room is a great decorative element. Mirrors can also help narrow spots, such as a hallway.

Create a Focal Point: Black mirror frames create a great focal point. This is why mirrors are commonly placed above dining room buffets or mantels. Sconces on either sign can help create a focal point in any room.

Hang Mirrors Correctly: A nail won’t be enough to properly hang a mirror. You will need to use proper wall hooks and use one at each end. This will help ensure the mirror is flat against the wall. A mirror hung on a single hook can be dangerous and it can also distort the reflection due to the angle. If the mirror is heavy, have it hung by a professional.

Don’t Forget Different Styles: Mirrors come in plenty of different styles and it will all depend on the frame. Consider the effect you want when choosing the frame. A simple wood frame can have a much different effect than a more elaborate one. There is also the mirror itself that you can consider. Some come with smoky glass or an antique look and can contribute to the unique vibe of the space.

Use Several Mirrors at a Time: You can also create a gallery wall with mirrors. Like any photo wall, treat them as one unit when determining placement. A mirrored gallery wall will look best in a room that doesn’t have much clutter. Since the frames can be busy, a cluttered room can make it too much.