Holter Monitor Explained

A Holter system is a small wearable machine that tracks your heart rhythm. Patients are advised by doctors to wear Holters for a period of time during which the monitor records all the heart activities. It is an ambulatory ECG machine that is used when the heart’s activity is abnormal. When a patient wears a Holter, symptoms that are not normal are detected. After the symptoms have been detected, the computer and the printer are used to create medical reports for the patient.

Taking a Holster monitor test

In order for a Holter test to be done, a traditional test known as an electrocardiogram has to be done first. The aim of this test is to check the rhythm of your heart if you are experiencing any irregular heartbeats of if you are constantly fainting. If the electrocardiogram fails to provide the doctor with the necessary information in regards to your heart condition, the Holter monitor is used.

The information that is captured by the Holter monitor is what the doctor uses when deriving whether you have a problem with your heart rhythm. Sometimes the Holter monitor fails to capture any irregular heart rhythms. At this point, the doctor advices you to use a Holter monitor that is wireless, but more advanced and it can take weeks for this information to be captured unlike the former monitor which takes one to three days.

These machines are available at Medical Device Depot and are made by quite a number of manufacturing companies including Nasiff, Burdick, Midmark, Cardio line, Welch Allyn and Schiller. Holters machines come with technical support and training which is unlimited which makes it easier to use them.

Risks involved when using Holter

There are very few risks associated with the use of a Holster among them being skin irritation and minor discomfort which occurs on the part of the skin where the electrodes were put. The Holter monitor is not waterproof, as such, you are required to stay away from water when wearing the monitor. You cannot take a shower or go for swimming during this period otherwise the monitor will be destroyed.

There are certain devices that interfere with the signals from the electrodes to the monitor. Such devices as microwave ovens, metal detectors, electric razors, toothbrushes and blankets and also magnets should be kept away when you are wearing this monitor. When using your mobile phone or any portable music player, it is advisable to use them atleast 6 inches away from the monitor. It is not all electrical appliances that interfere with the working of the monitor, but it is still advisable to stay away from the ones mentioned above.