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Cleaning a Room after Coronavirus Exposure

With the coronavirus disease spreading rapidly across the globe, understanding how best to clean and disinfect rooms exposed to the coronavirus disease is indeed a necessity. The virus is highly contagious and can infect people who are as close as possible. This is why you are expected to keep 6 feet apart through respiratory droplets. More so, the virus can survive of certain surfaces for certain period of time. If your home has been exposed, it is expedient that you reach out to professional coronavirus cleaning service Gwinnett County to help disinfect and sanitize the area. 

Viruses such as flu and coronavirus can survive outside of the body for hours, or even days. If an infected individual cough or sneeze on a surface, and anyone comes in contact with such surfaces would become exposed to the virus. It is however expedient that you take proper steps and precautions to limit the spread of the virus. coronavirus cleaning service Gwinnett County can protect your health. 

If you’ve been exposed or know someone exposed to the virus, you should follow these major steps.

  1. If you are at a facility where people don’t sleep overnight like a warehouse, school, or office environment you should do the following

Restrict access to the areas used by the sick individual. Do not start cleaning until after 24 hours. Be sure to use the recommended cleaning agents and disinfectants to reduce risk of exposure to the virus. Ventilation is yet another factor you should consider. open all doors and windows for adequate ventilation. 

Make sure you clean and disinfect all areas used by the sick person. Pay more attention to traffic prone areas and surfaces such as computer, keyboards, desks, doorknobs, countertops and faucet handles. 

  1. If you are at a facility where people sleep overnight such as hostels, and college dorm, here are the steps to take

Take the sick person(s) to the designated isolation centers within your locality or alternatively provide a secluded place where the individual will stay temporarily. 

Restrict access to areas used by the infected individuals and wait for at least 24 hours before sanitizing the environment. The affected area should be properly ventilated. Open doors and windows to allow for air circulation. 

In areas where the sick person is being housed, take all necessary precautions. Just as with every other option available, make sure you focus more on the frequently touched areas. These high traffic areas need thorough cleaning. 

In areas where ill person have visited, regular cleaning and disinfection should be done. 

Remember coronavirus is highly contagious. Dealing with such virus demands that you take all necessary precautions. Cleaning an area used by someone exposed to the virus can be a dangerous affair. You are better off with a professional who specialize in coronavirus cleaning service Gwinnett County. No one knows how the virus works in totality. However, expert cleaners have been trained on how to handle the novel coronavirus. So rest assured that your facility will be restored to its former glory and virus free when you hire these cleaning experts. 


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