Car Accident Settlements: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know that 27% of car crashes result in a non-fatal injury? This often leads the victim to look for a settlement for a car accident.

However, insurance companies have a tendency to lowball settlement offers. Making certain mistakes after a car accident allows insurance providers to use certain information against you and lessen your compensation amount.

Keep reading to learn common car accident settlement mistakes to avoid.

Not Calling the Police

Before a car accident settlement, the incident occurs. One of the mistakes that victims tend to make is not calling the police.

Failing to notify the police results in losses when you attempt to file a claim for an accident.

Police will investigate the situation, gather evidence, and note the cause of the accident. The report they write is valuable for insurance companies when they process your car accident settlement claim.

Not Documenting the Accident

Although the police report goes a long way in car accident settlements, you can gather more evidence yourself from the scene of the accident.

Take photographs of the vehicle damage and your injuries if you can.

You should also gather contact and insurance information of the other party involved in the accident. Witnesses who are willing to give you their information will also become helpful during the claims process.

The visual evidence and eyewitness testimony aren’t easy to refute. Having these forms of documentation will improve your chances of a successful settlement.

Not Seeking Medical Care

Taking too long after a car accident to receive medical care can put your compensation at risk during the car accident settlement process.

Sometimes the shock and confusion of a vehicle crash cause an underestimate of injuries. Don’t downplay seeking medical care even if you don’t think you are injured.

You might find later on that you suffered an injury where symptoms don’t show up right away. It might be too late to receive medical care once symptoms show up as it pertains to your claim.

Agreeing to a Recorded Statement

Agreeing to record a recorded statement can affect your car accident settlement payouts. What might sound like a good idea to increase your compensation amount, can actually be used against you.

Insurance companies aren’t required to get a recorded statement from the accident victim. They might try to get one from you in case you say something that they can later use against you.

If you are considering making a recorded statement, consult with a personal accident attorney first. They can provide you with the right advice on what your next steps should be no matter where you are in the claims process.

Car Accident Settlement: What to Avoid

There are a lot of mistakes victims make when it comes to a car accident settlement. The above mistakes are the most common ones you don’t want to make.

Always contact the police, document the accident, and seek medical care. Don’t agree to any recording or a quick final settlement before talking to an attorney.

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