Car accident in Pueblo: When do you need an injury lawyer?

Auto crashes, collisions, accidents are increasing in number in Colorado. Serious car accidents are reported in Pueblo every year, and often, injured victims do not get the compensation they deserve. Colorado is a fault state, so when the other driver was negligent, you can file a personal injury lawsuit, seeking compensation for your damages. This brings us to the primary question – Do you really need a Pueblo personal injury lawyer? Below are some circumstances when hiring an attorney is a good idea. 

When you were at fault

Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence rule. If someone was injured in a car accident but was also at fault, they can still file a personal injury lawsuit against the other party at fault. However, their share of compensation will be reduced by their fault in percentage. If a driver’s share of fault is more than 50%, they cannot recover anything as per the “modified comparative negligence” rule. 

If and when you are at fault, you need to do more to protect your rights and interests. The insurance company of the other driver will try to pin the blame on you, and if you don’t negotiate rightly, you may receive a much lower settlement. Let an attorney guide you on the entire claims process. Also, if there were multiple parties at fault, or when you are unsure of what or who may have caused the car accident, you need legal advice. Lawyers have an instrumental role in establishing fault and liability. 

When you don’t know much about laws

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is also important if you are not aware of the state laws. The statute of limitations in Colorado allows a period of three years, to file personal injury lawsuits after an accident. However, the deadline is not applicable to insurance claims. You have to file your insurance claim and inform your insurer and at-fault party’s insurance company within a reasonable time. 

When you hire an injury lawyer, they will do everything for you. They can help with the claims process, and at the same time, they will prep for the worst-case scenario. While most car accident claims and lawsuits are settled outside of court, you need an injury lawyer, who has experience of trial too. 

Dealing with the insurance company and getting a fair compensation will be easy when you hire the right car accident lawyer. Find a lawyer you can trust!