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7 Types of Indoor Lighting to Consider (Because the Options Are Boundless)

We all know that good lighting improves the atmosphere and appeal of any home. Now we know why.  

Studies show that light has a huge effect on the human body. It can impair our sleep patterns, increase productivity, and even create mood change.

So, if you want your home to become a haven of relaxation and comfort, keep reading to find out what types of indoor lighting you should consider.

The Basics of Good Lighting

Every home contains areas for relaxing, working, or fun, and games. So it makes sense that different types of light suit these areas best. The main types of indoor lighting are:

General Lighting

General lighting, or ambient lighting, refers to the main source of light for a room. It lights up the entire space and can affect the overall mood of the room.

Often, natural light plays this role during daylight hours. General lighting could take the form of recessed lighting, chandeliers, or overhead lights.

Task Lighting

Task lighting provides illumination in areas where you need to see things in detail. It’s commonly used in kitchen and study areas.

It’s more localized than other types of lighting and includes forms of direct lighting like lamps that brighten a specific work area. 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a decorative or design aspect that creates a focal point in a room.

It helps add dimension to your environment and often works with general lighting to create a specific effect. For instance, you might want to highlight a specific piece of art or sculpture in your room.

Carefully chosen accent lighting can add enormous appeal to any room. Sometimes the light fixture or lamp creates a focal point itself. 

You can find these types of eye-catching lights at big box stores like Home Depot. Yet, you’ll find more variety at specialty stores like Lighting Direct, Interior Deluxe, and Lamps Plus.

Different Types of Indoor Lighting Fixtures

You’ll find an abundance of choices when it comes to choosing lights in any of the above categories. You may even come across specialized types of indoor lights that cater to people with insomnia or seasonal affective disorder.

You might find the following recommendations useful when redesigning your interiors:

1. Surface Lights

Every home has surface lights in most rooms. These are the usual light fittings with a ball or box cover that we use to find our way around at night.

They’re a flexible, easy-to-install choice and mostly don’t perform any design function. 

Yet, the best type of indoor light for general lighting does double duty to create ambiance too. So, don’t overlook the possibility of using a decorative light fixture like a chandelier in your living areas.

2. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are one of the top design trends lately. These low-hanging fixtures work well to create task-centered illuminated spaces when fitted above kitchen islands and dining room tables. 

The many different styles of pendant lights available can all add immense, modern appeal to your rooms. You’ll find them in various colors, shapes, and intensities to suit any occasion.

3. Track Lighting

Track lights feature multiple sets of bulbs arranged on one track with many voltages and circuits. This provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to styles, colors, and finishes.

You can suspend track lighting from the ceiling like pendant lights or surface mount it. 

4. Recessed Lighting

This type of lighting’s tucked away in a ceiling cavity or under counters. It’s a good type of task lighting in some cases, depending on its location.

In areas like living rooms, recessed lighting creates unobtrusive illumination and often works on a dimmer switch to help create the desired mood.

Downlights and spotlights are types of recessed lighting. 

5. Portable Lights

Portable lights plug into an electrical outlet and you can place them anywhere in your room as long as they’re within reach of a power source.

You can also buy battery-operated and solar portable lights. These are most often used for camping, but they come in handy when there’s a power outage too. 

Most portable lights are lamps used on bedside tables or in reading areas. They’re also used as a design element in some rooms. Other portable lights suit outdoor entertainment areas.

6.  Spotlights

Spotlights fill multiple roles in home lighting. You can use them as task lighting, to highlight focal points in your living spaces, or increase your outdoor security.

Often, spotlights occur in the form of track lighting. 

7. Exterior Lights

Although we’re focused on indoor lighting for this article, exterior lights can have a big impact on your home’s appeal too. You get exterior lighting that fulfills all the usual lighting functions.

For instance, you might use this type of lighting as task lighting above your door to help you enter your home. You could use it in your garage as a form of general lighting. 

Exterior lighting can also serve to attract attention to attractive plant specimens or around water features in your garden. 

Apart from curb appeal, exterior lighting can also help deter burglars and increase your security. 

Lights Can Make or Break Your Room’s Design

Lighting can make a big difference in how you get to enjoy your home. In most cases, lights have a major impact at an affordable price too. 

So, take time choosing the perfect fixtures and light bulbs for your needs. With so many types of indoor lighting to choose from, you’re bound to find your perfect lighting solutions if you shop around a little.

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