7 Most Common Injuries Sustained During Car Accidents

Car accidents are a common occurrence. According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 3 million people get injured on an annual basis because of several types and scales of vehicular accidents. These victims obtain different kinds of injuries. And to help them claim for damages, a reliable auto accident lawyer Stuart FL is needed.

Below are seven of the most common injuries an auto accident attorney Stuart FL encounters among his or her clients.

Soft tissue injuries. Considered as the most common among car accident injuries, this type of injury involves damages affecting the body’s connective tissues — from ligaments and tendons to muscles. A form of soft tissue injury is the so-called whiplash, which concerns soft tissues in the neck and upper back.

Scrapes and cuts. Vehicular accidents cause loose and sharp objects to be thrown around the accident scene. From eyeglasses to purses to broken windows and windshields, the victims can obtain scrapes and cuts coming from a diverse range of objects. While some injuries are only minor, others are more extensive and may require stitches and longer recovery periods.

Burns. If you ask an auto accident attorney Stuart FL, another car accident injury that he or she typically encounters is a skin burn. This can happen when the car involved catches fire and injures the victim, or when the victim’s skin comes into contact with hot surfaces or fluids.

Head injuries. There are several forms of head injuries — from scrapes and bruises to concussions and deeper lacerations. When the collision is more severe, the victim can have a closed head injury where the fluid and tissue inside his or her skull get damaged. In more serious cases, vehicular accidents can also lead to brain damage and other traumatic brain injuries.

Chest injuries. In minor car accidents, the victims can get acute chest injuries like bruises and contusions. However, there are also cases when more severe injuries can be obtained — including internal injuries and broken ribs. Commonly, it is the driver who suffers from this type of injury as they are located behind the steering wheel.

Arm and leg injuries. From mere bruises to more serious sprains and breaks, car accident victims also commonly suffer from arm and leg injuries. The injuries are frequently obtained when the car involved suffers a side impact. The legs and knees, in particular, are at a huge risk of getting damaged because cars usually have a little “leg room” for movements.

Back injuries. When your body sustains a heavy impact, back injuries are a common consequence. When a car accident is too severe, one can even develop long-term disability caused by injuries on the spine — including partial or total paralysis.

Beyond Physical Injuries

Depending on how serious the car accident is, an auto accident attorney Stuart FL is well-aware that his or her clients may also suffer from mental and emotional injuries.

For instance, a victim may experience a post-traumatic stress disorder that hinders him or her from returning back to his or her normal routine. Besides undergoing surgeries or physical therapies, seeking medical attention from a psychiatrist is often needed to help car accident victims recover.