7 Mistakes with Renting Dumpsters and How to Avoid Them

Cleaning up, especially during a move, can be messy and tedious. The good news is dumpster renting options make the process faster and easier. Getting dumpster rental is also useful for those working on professional building projects.

Studies show that the average American person produces over 2,072 pounds of trash every year. This is where dumpster rentals come in, as they’re fast, efficient, and safe! If you’re making a big move, dumpster rentals can be a great help in taking care of all the trash and clutter you need to get rid of.

However, many people neglect to consider factors like size and state regulations and end up wasting time and money. This article covers seven common mistakes with renting dumpsters.

Read on to discover more and know what to avoid to get the most out of your rental!

  1. Getting The Wrong Sized Dumpster

When choosing dumpster renting options, it’s crucial to pick the right size. People who rent out dumpsters often make the mistake of renting something too big or too small.

Keep in mind that dumpster rentals depend on their size. Small and large dumpsters have huge price differences because of the size and space they occupy.

People tend to go for smaller dumpsters because they’re more affordable. However, underestimation can give you more problems related to cost. This can also lead to a delay in your projects when you empty the dumpsters.

To avoid this kind of mistake, it’s often better to overestimate the number of your debris or trash. Doing this can also help your dumpster from over-filling.

Comparing dumpster rental costs from different companies will also help you find the right-sized dumpster. It will also enable you to stay within your budget.

  1. Overfilling Your Dumpster Container

All kinds of dumpsters have a weight capacity. This capacity acts as a warning and reminder for you not to exceed putting in more trash.

Overfilled dumpsters pose a safety and health threat. An overfilled dumpster can be dangerous when it gets loaded on the truck. Not only that, but it will also attract more insects and rodents that are easy to carry diseases.

Overfilling a dumpster is a common mistake that businesses often run into. This happens when joints get busy and forget about the limits of their bins.

This mistake can also cause you more money. A lot of dumpster companies will overcharge renters for overloading. Sometimes, they can even cancel your contract with them.

To avoid this, always make sure to read the specific instructions for the dumpsters you rent. It’s also best to set a specific volume of trash that you put in your dumpster. You can also consider renting a bigger dumpster.

  1. Throwing Hazardous Wastes In Your Dumpster

Avoid throwing hazardous wastes in your dumpster. Some debris can be harmful, especially if they have dangerous elements in them.

Keep in mind that wastes in the dumpsters are still inspected and sorted out. If you deliver contaminated trash, it can get rejected at the disposal facilities. You may also expect to pay a hefty fine for this error.

Dumpster rental companies comply with state laws and regulations about garbage disposal. This is to avoid environmental contamination. You aren’t allowed to throw pesticides, gasoline, and other house cleaning chemicals.

Your provider will show this in your dumpster rental contract, including fines you may pay when you disregard the law.

To avoid this, remember to check on your trash and sort out hazardous wastes before you throw them. Ask your dumpster company about these kinds of information and how you can dispose of them.

  1. Placing Your Dumpster In The Wrong Location

It’s crucial to choose the most appropriate spot to place your dumpster. By doing this, you’ll be able to put it in a place that’s convenient while avoiding any legal issues.

The good thing about a dumpster rental is that you can place your bins in a convenient space by the driveway. There are also locations for dumpsters according to your local building codes.

To avoid this mistake, make sure that you don’t put it in a place that can cause traffic. It should also be in a place where it doesn’t block windows, doors, and driveways.

  1. Not Scheduling The Time For Your Dumpster

In renting a dumpster, it’s important that you don’t let it sit around empty for long. Many dumpster rentals have a fixed and strict pick-up date.

It’s in your best interest to make sure you get your bins ready for collection at the said schedule. Other companies can let you keep your dumpsters for another day and pick it up on the day you agreed on.

  1. Working With The Wrong Dumpster Rental Company

One of the major mistakes people often make is working with the wrong dumpster company. This often happens during a sudden cleanout project when your trash gets out of hand.

When choosing a dumpster rental company, consider getting references from loved ones. Check on each company and conduct thorough research.

While other companies offer clean, new equipment and excellent service, some fail to deliver their promises. Make sure that your company communicates with you throughout. It’s also essential that you get a proper and detailed price quote.

That way, you know where all fees go and see if their prices are worth it.

  1. Not Following The Company’s Rules And Policy

Another mistake renters often commit is not following the company’s rules and policy. Many problems in pick-up come from renters disregarding the company’s do’s and don’ts.

Always read your contract and ask questions on things you’re unclear about. Also, inquire of the load, materials, as well as time frame related to your dumpster rentals.

Doing this will make sure you get to dispose of your wastes without hassle and fines.

7 Mistakes With Renting Dumpsters And How To Avoid Them

Here are seven of the most common mistakes with renting dumpsters that you need to avoid. Failing to comply can result in problems not only on your end but also for your provider. It’s essential to be aware of these mistakes and what to do to avoid them.

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