6 Famous Local Street Food in Medan

Stroll through the exact spots in Medan, from a Chinese Socialite legacy Tjong a Fie Mansion to a design wonder that executed Malay, Italian, Spain, and Indian touch Istana Maimun; the ancient space of Kesawan District that has some similarity of what Medan looked like many years before the hustling clamoring Little India at K.H Zainul Arifin Street.

From the side of the road, a customary food truck to a sumptuous dinner, relish each dish with your five senses; sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. The variety of races and the colonization time of Indonesia have molded how Indonesia is at this moment. As the best food in Indonesia, experience Medan through the culinary scene and taste the different neighborhood treats and road food in Medan, the ideal available way.

An outline of how the eateries in Medan works, observe the working hours for every restaurant we list down from one another. Yet, don’t stress. We’ve placed them in classifications where they are generally liked to be eaten (or when local people ordinarily eat them). So, ensure you check the time before making your plan!


To get this rundown going, I’ll clarify momentarily what Bakmi is. A kind of noodles that are for the most part on the springy side and finished off with veggies and meat (which relying upon the diner would vary) and presented with a bowl of little soup as an afterthought. You will discover comparable dishes in various names, yet they are pretty much something very similar. 

1. Bakmi Hock Seng

It finished off with many fixings, for example, fish balls, shrimps, bubbled egg in soy sauce, fish cakes, meat, and veggies. Working since 1932, Bakmi Hock Seng has been steady with their taste and is never parsimonious with the fixings. With liberal garnishes and delectable noodles, it is no big surprise they are as yet one of local people’s inclination for breakfast 

2. Bakmi Khek Selat Panjang

Setting out on a food venture in Medan is unquestionably tricky and having the option to keep going for such a long time takes some ability. Established in 1968, this slowdown has been a morning top pick with its straightforward fixings and natively constructed noodles. The much-seared pork fat is most likely the explanation I’m continually returning for additional.


And now it’s time for delicious lunch!

3. Nasi Babi Agu

As a city with a different culture, you will discover the lion’s share of Chinese delicacy here too. The food sources have been changed to fit the Medanese’s taste, so the vast majority of them would taste sweet, pungent, and delicious.

The white ones are Sio Bak; the red ones in the center are Lap Chiong, while the red ones on the right side are Chasio. Utilizing Hokkien lingo from the Chinese minorities to frame its diner’s name, Agu is the proprietor’s name while Sio Bak Pui implies rice with pork tummy (sio bak = pork gut, pui = rice). Thus, the standard serving here is rice with Sio Bak, Chasio, and Lap Chiong. In favor of this pork rice dish, a Kiam Chai or acrid veggies soup is served along.

4. Bakso Sapi Amat

My insight into meatballs goes past those doused in Marinara or those served in IKEA (great ones). Cooked in a meat stock, meatballs or “Bakso” as it is brought in Bahasa Indonesia — and as per Wikipedia, ‘Bakso’ is taken from the Hokkien’s language where ‘Bah” – “so” in a real sense signifies ‘minced meat’ — is usually presented with noodles like yellow noodles, Indomie, Bihun, and Kwetiau.


It’s time to perceive what the night street has to bring to the table!

5. Nasi Goreng Pete

Perhaps the most renowned Indonesia’s dishes and halal food, other than Rendang, is Nasi Goreng. It is our staple food and is usually being sold around evening time. This specific one made the rundown since it is seared rice with Pete (petay), a fixing as beans that is mainstream all-around Southeast Asia. The Nasi Goreng Pete here is hot so get soya milk to lower the heat!

6. Sop Kambing Kumango

As quite possibly the most unbelievable food joints in Medan, you definitely should not miss this spot — except if you don’t eat goat meat (regardless of whether it doesn’t have a gamey smell). Since 1976, with the mark look of an orange undertone for its broth, Sop Kambing Kumango has become a trustworthy solace food given its flavor that never shows signs of change through the time.

Vacation is more than just the food, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in (Lake Toba) by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.