5 Tips to Successfully Onboarding an Employee

When you build a house, it all starts with a strong foundation. The same applies to your company. Your employees are your foundation, and every piece needs to be installed with precision if you want the structure to last. 

Quality, reliable employees are built through the onboarding process. This is a lot more than just handling some paperwork. 

On average, the employee onboarding process consists of 54 steps to be completed. Keep reading so that you can learn more about the onboarding employee process. 

  1. Get Your Leadership Team on the Same Page

If you’re interested in bettering your employee onboarding process, it all begins with your leadership. Involve your managers and department heads heavily in the hiring process, and bring them back together to assist with onboarding. 

They should contribute to training and helping your new employee get acclimated. Some ways your leadership can help include assigning your new employee a mentor, outlining roles, and making themselves available for questions. 

  1. Set Goals and a Roadmap

Each new employee should have clear guidelines in place that will help them achieve. Employee satisfaction is rooted in having clear goals that they can follow and achieve. 

The worst thing you can do is let your employees flounder without direction. Millennials particularly need to feel fulfillment in their job to be engaged and satisfied. Set goals that get them up to speed but are not overwhelming all at once. 

  1. Use Technology to Your Benefit

When you’re looking for onboarding tips, remember that technology is your friend. Choose some onboarding software that puts every detail on a schedule and syncs calendars with managers who are participating in the process. 

Use cloud software to store and archive all your employees’ onboarding documents, and make it easy for them to e-sign. Allow your new employee to opt-in to mobile alerts and to create an e-mail address, password, and employee dashboard. 

  1. Make Human Resources Matters Simple

Handling your Human Resources (HR) properly is one of the best hiring tips that you should keep in mind. These are the documents that make the hiring process official and legally binding.

You’ll also need to gather their bank information so that they can get paid on time by direct deposit. HR professionals should be made available to discuss health insurance and benefits packages. Take care of all of these details, and use some HR software to help you out. 

Here’s an example of a software program that can handle all your HR and payroll needs:

  1. Communicate With Your New Hire

Communication is critical when you’re learning how to hire an employee. Assign them a couple of main points of contact, and make yourself available for any questions that they have. 

Check-in regularly, and schedule a few lunches or coffee meetings with your new employee for the next few weeks. 

All About the Onboarding Employee Process

The onboarding employee process is one of the most important for any company. Now that you know more about it, you can keep your company organized while welcoming your latest employees. 

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Hemant Kumar
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