5 Stylish Hat Colors You Should Try Wearing in 2022

When getting dressed, you need to use your head.

And that doesn’t just mean putting intentional thought into your look. It means using your head, adorning it with hats, caps, and other headwear.

We all know accessories are what gives an outfit character and sets you apart from the crowd. But while many people fail to think beyond their shoes and bags, hats are what really makes a look memorable.

To upgrade your style in 2022, make space in your wardrobe for these five trendy hat colors and the specific types of hats they look great on.

1. Black and White

Colorful hats are always fun and eye-catching. But for those who prefer a monochromatic color scheme, black and white is the perfect combination.

Black and white hats piggy back off of the ubiquitous checkerboard trend seen in recent seasons. Black and white checkerboard beanies, caps, and more still work in 2022.

But black and white also look fresh in knitted and woven materials like on tweed and herringbone hats. These materials, especially when on a fedora or newsboy cap, add a classic menswear touch to any outfit and complement all genders.

But if that’s too basic for you, consider other black and white patterns splashed on hats. Cow print, polka dots, gingham, or even black and white designer logos covering headwear are a fun and quirky way to embrace this trend in 2022.

No matter how you wear black and white, it works in countless ways and on a variety of hat styles. Whether you’re into bucket hats, baseball caps, or fedoras, you can easily incorporate these colors into your look.

2. Periwinkle

You may think that periwinkle is a strangely specific color for hats. But it just so happens to be the inspiration for Pantone’s chosen color for 2022, “Very Peri.” This is a welcome change after 2021’s gray, which inspired thoughtfulness yet felt drab. Periwinkle, by contrast, encourages a more upbeat and experimental year ahead.

This purple-blue shade is both soft and punchy, and you’ll likely start seeing it a lot more in 2022’s fashion trends—including hats.

Periwinkle and similar colors are feminine and great for women’s hats (though there’s no reason why men can’t rock periwinkle too). Try this trend on a beret or beanie, paired with neutrals to make the hat really stand out. Or while it’s still cold outside, look for periwinkle ear muffs and knit hoods. They’ll help brighten up those dark and dreary winter days.

3. Autumnal Hues

Even outside of fall, autumnal colors feel warm and comforting. Yellows, oranges, and browns are equal parts sunny and neutral and can be found on several of 2022’s major hat trends.

As Y2K trends are making a comeback, it’s time to dust off your old early 2000’s headwear. And for anyone who remembers celebrity style from 2004, you’ll know that means trucker hats are making their way back in fashion.

Trucker hats have a nostalgic flair that pairs well with retro autumnal colors. That was the style when A-listers wore them in the early 2000s, and that’s the trend in 2022 as well.

Look for cozy trucker hats in warm earth tones and farm-inspired colors. YNOT’s hats fit the trend perfectly and look great worn with their YNOT pocket t-shirts.

4. Pure White

White might be the new black.

Pure white and luscious cream colors are refreshing after the last couple of dark years brought on by the pandemic. To start 2022 off on the right foot, lighten up your wardrobe and your hats.

White works well for many different types of hats: think white baseball caps, milky berets, cream-colored Panama hats, pure white newsboy caps…

And white can also be seen in a variety of materials. A white leather cap looks both casual and luxurious, like the interior of a luxury car. And white knits covering snoods, winter hats, and bucket hats evoke the image of a cozy winter wonderland.

Plus, white is a neutral that’s easy to wear with almost anything, yet it’s not as basic and predictable as black.

Try swapping your go-to black cap or dark-colored beanie for pure white in 2022.

5. Natural Shades

Maybe stark white isn’t your thing, and you’re not into the flowery feel of periwinkle. Try natural colors for your hats instead.

For natural colors, imagine the shades of sand, soil, and straw. Beige, taupe, and tans work well for classic boater hats and similar styles made of straw. And natural shades also work well for well-worn leather hats like cowboy and outback hats.

Natural-colored hats can be worn during any season and tend to be in style year after year. But in particular, keep natural shades in mind when choosing your hats and headwear for the warmer months of 2022. Wide-brimmed straw beach hats, raffia cone-shaped hats, or earthy crochet beanies will feel light and easy-breezy come summer.

Head Out in Style With the Best Hat Colors of 2022

From nostalgic trucker hats to straw boater hats, 2022 will see a variety of trendy hat styles to choose from. And when stocking up on your own hats to complete your wardrobe and outfits, consider the top five trending hat colors.

No matter your personal style and aesthetic, there’s an on-trend color perfect for you. Go bold with black and white, soft with periwinkle, or stay down to earth with natural and autumnal shades.

And if you’re still looking for more ways to look your best in 2022, read our latest fashion articles for more ideas and inspiration!