4 Reasons to Get a Color Change Wrap for Your Vehicle

Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car. Selective focus.

Are you tired of how your vehicle looks, but you don’t have the money to invest in a new one? Are you looking for a way to update your car’s exterior without the high cost of a quality paint job? You could wrap your car instead.

Last year, 50 percent of wrapped vehicles were light-duty vehicles. There’s a growing demand for personalization and graphics that a quality car wrap can supply.

If you were thinking of changing the color of your vehicle exterior, consider getting your vehicle wrapped. Here are four solid reasons to help you decide if a color change wrap is a good choice for you.

  1. Personalize Your Vehicle With a Wrap

Car wrap color options range from solid colors to attractive textured finishes. It’s possible to wrap your vehicle exterior, so it looks like wood grain or leather. The wrap is completely removable, so you can choose a bold color and not have to worry about it being permanent.

More and more owners are choosing colorful graphics for their wrap. Wraps are customizable, which may appeal to many drivers who want a stand-out look for their ride.

If you meet the driving and vehicle requirements, you may be able to earn money by wrapping your car with advertising wraps.

  1. It’s Less Expensive Than Quality Paint

When you consider the cost of a high-quality paint job for your vehicle, a car wrap is a less expensive option. If properly maintained, it will last about six years before replacing it.

Changing the color of your vehicle with paint is a more permanent choice. A wrap is temporary, removable and there are a wider variety of colors to choose from with a wrap.

  1. Improve Your Vehicle Resale Value

The style and design of your wrap should match your car and highlight its function and performance. It preserves the original paint so a new owner can revert to the first color if they prefer.

A car wrap company like can advise you on the best wrap for your ride.

  1. A Color Change Wrap Protects Your Paint

Daily exposure to the sun’s UV rays affects your vehicle’s paint. Over time the combination of dirt, bugs, and other debris can damage your paint. A car wrap acts as a shield, protecting your vehicle’s exterior from all of these events.

Maintain your car wrap by keeping it out of the sun. Daily exposure will degrade the wrap, shortening its lifespan. Car wrap companies recommend hand washing with a soft cloth, and you should avoid automatic car washes because they may damage the wrap.

Choose a Car Wrap With Confidence

When you evaluate the benefits of a color change wrap over a high-cost paint job, you’ll see why many drivers are choosing the wrap. A quality car wrap will make you proud when you sit in the driver’s seat.

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