3 Warning Signs You Need to Hire a Rodent Control Company

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29% of Americans have had a rodent problem in their home. These disease-carrying pests can reproduce quickly and are more common in the fall and winter. Luckily, it is usually quite easy to identify if you have a rodent infestation.

Are you concerned that you have an unwelcome visitor or two in your home? Read on to find three warning signs that you need to hire a rodent control company before things get out of hand.

  1. Rodent Droppings

Rodent droppings can carry a wide array of diseases and will excrete 40-50 droppings per day.

Fresh droppings are moist and dark in color. As they get older, they will dry out and become a lighter gray color. You can use this to determine whether you have a current infestation.

Droppings are typically found near food storage, under sinks, cupboards, in cupboards, and hidden areas. The droppings will be most apparent in the areas where they are nesting or feeding. Always be careful when dealing with rodent feces, especially around food.

If you notice any rodent droppings, it’s time to call pest control or visit

  1. Scratching Noises

Rodents are most active at night when humans are out of the way. If you are noticing strange sounds at night such as burrowing in the walls, scratching, sounds under the cabinets, or scampering across the floor then you may have a problem.

You might also notice muffled squeaking sounds. Rats and mice can squeeze into holes as small as a dime so they are expert hiders.

Cats can give you a clue as to where these pests are hidden away. Pay attention if your pet seems to be showing more interest in an area they wouldn’t normally. Rodents have a foul odor which can give themselves away to cats or dogs.

  1. Gnaw Marks

New rodent gnaw marks are lighter in color and darken over time. Look for these gnaw marks in hidden areas such as under cabinets or basements. You might also notice holes in food packaging or around the area where you store foods.

Larger marks indicate that you might have a rat infestation. Whereas, smaller marks indicate a mouse infestation. A rodent’s teeth constantly grow, so they will chew to help keep them trimmed down.

They are not picky eaters either. Rodent mothers will even eat their babies and poop. So, keep an eye out for any new damage on objects or foods that might be caused by a rodent.

Time to Call Rodent Control

Rodents are incredibly dirty animals and they are not safe to have in your home. These infestations are common and easier to deal with before they get out of hand. Since rodents can reproduce quickly, if you notice any of these warning signs then you need to call rodent control right away.

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