3 Responsible Things to Do amid Quarantine (And 2 Just for Fun)

It’s no secret that many people were blind-sided by the coronavirus pandemic. It seemed like the whole world was not prepared to take on a health crisis on such a massive scale. More than 100 countries imposed lockdown and quarantine measures to curb the spread of the virus.

If you find yourself trying to be more productive, here are three responsibilities you should consider mastering and two that you should include for fun.

Manage Your Finances

We’re sure you’ve come across that popular meme that goes, “My debit card is starting to feel more like a gift card. ‘Not sure how much is on this, but we’ll give it a try.’” It’s funny, sure, but it also became popular because many people related to it. Most of us tend to look at our finances in the same way, meaning we hardly look at it all. A recent report by the Financial Health Network found that only 29% of Americans are financially stable.

Quarantine is the best time for you to review your finances. Take the time to sit down and review all your expenses and your savings account. Learn to balance a checkbook if you must. Figure out ways where you can save more money or how you can be more frugal with your spending. Plan this out, as well, and commit to being more financially aware and responsible. You might also consider looking at ways you can invest part of your money so you’ll have other sources of income.

Learn About Home Maintenance

Did you go into a de-cluttering mode when the lockdowns were imposed just like everybody else? There’s no doubt that this was a good practice, but you could always do more. There are many projects around the house that you can learn to fix or do yourself. For example, summer months are now upon us, and you should be able to do necessary home maintenance fixes to get your home summer-ready. You could start with something simple like cleaning out your AC units or do something a little more complicated, like making sure all your windows are clean and your gutters and spouts are free of leaves and debris.

Learn About Vehicle Maintenance

Think about how much money you can save on mechanic’s fees if you learn to maintain your vehicle on your own. Oil changes, for instance, seem like a daunting task, but the Internet is chock-full of information about how you can do it yourself. It’s one of those things you regularly take your car in for, but something you can easily do yourself. If you’re a complete newbie, now’s a good time to orient yourself with what’s under the hood of your car. And who knows? After all, that’s going on; you may not need to take your vehicle into the shop anymore!

Build a Gaming PC

Now we come to the fun parts! While we’re on the subject of DIYs, why not build yourself a gaming computer? Believe us when we say there’s nothing more satisfying than quashing hordes of zombies on a gaming PC you created yourself. You can customize everything, from processors to graphic cards. Some companies let you pick and choose what your customization is, and they’ll make it for you. But if you’re up for a challenge, you can buy the parts and build it from the ground up.

Pick Up a Hobby

Picking up a hobby during quarantine should be a no-brainer. It is, after all, an excellent way to ensure your mental health. Challenge yourself and pick a hobby that you would never have thought you could do. Knitting, for example. It seems intimidating, but once you get past the initial hesitation, you’ll find that it’s quite enjoyable and relaxing. It’s also inexpensive as far as other hobbies go.

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