Beating cybercriminals & hackers: Steps in cybersecurity that count!

Most of us have heard of security breaches that have caused massive damage to companies. Unfortunately, the consequences of data theft, security breach, and similar incidents, are not limited to financial losses alone. Your business reputation will be affected, and there could be fines and penalties, depending on the exact causes and overall approach to cybersecurity. Hackers & cybercriminals are smart for sure, but their actions are not hard to predict. These hackers have surprised security experts time and again, and yet, they rely on some of the basic tools, such as malware, phishing scams, backdoor attacks, to hack businesses. 

If you want to beat these cybercriminals at their game, you have to take the right cybersecurity measures, and we have a few steps below that count.

Spend on employee training

Do you know that hackers often rely on spyware to find sensitive information? A considerable number of hacking incidents happen through backdoors, which are created using malware and phishing emails. Truth is employees are on the frontline of ensuring cybersecurity, and you cannot afford to have an ill-informed or unaware team. Make sure that you spend on training and workshops, because employees can protect your organization. 

Don’t ignore passwords

Password protection doesn’t require a big budget and is not complicated. Just ask employees to change all default details as soon as possible, which must be replaced with complex and strong passwords. Since people have to manage many passwords at the same time, they should be encouraged to use a password manager. You can also increase password protection by opting for two-factor and three-factor authentication, and using options such as the lockout feature. 

Get ethical hackers onboard

Do you know that almost every big company has some form of bug bounty program to strengthen their cybersecurity measures? Ethical hackers can help you find flaws and security vulnerabilities, which are otherwise not visible in plain sight. These hackers try to “hack” into networks and systems, with permission, and if they find flaws or bugs, they are paid. The security community is extremely useful in many ways, and you don’t have to manage it all. There are companies that can help your company in running bug bounty programs. 

Check online now to find more on cybersecurity companies that can help you assess and rethink your current policies and protocols. Don’t wait for an incident to happen to take necessary steps towards cybersecurity – proactiveness matters!