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How UV Light Is Used In Commercial, Industrial & Everyday Life

Humans are surrounded by ultraviolet light everywhere. Although it is not visible through our naked eye, yet it exists - be it indoors or outdoors. Do you know the lamp in your office also emits some sort of UV light? If you have ever read about electromagnetic or ultraviolet radiation,...

5 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

  Stepping up to run your own business is a huge endeavour, and time after time we see that it requires a very particular personality to take on the challenges and stress that are an integral part of being an entrepreneur. While no single personality type is guaranteed to succeed...

How Ringless Voicemail Can Boost Your Sales

Ringless voicemail enables businesses leave voicemails without making an actual (audible) phone call to their customers. Thanks to the hands-off approach, ringless voicemails have become a popular form of telemarketing.  Over recent years, more and more businesses have turned to ringless voicemail marketing campaigns to improve sales performance and reach...

Court Reporter vs. Stenographer: Is There a Difference?

  Court reporters play a significant role in the accurate capturing and transcription of a court’s proceedings. They help provide a searchable database of what was said, so attorneys can browse through using the right keywords. This cuts down research time significantly, making the case proceedings that much more efficient....
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