How Ringless Voicemail Can Boost Your Sales

Ringless voicemail enables businesses leave voicemails without making an actual (audible) phone call to their customers. Thanks to the hands-off approach, ringless voicemails have become a popular form of telemarketing. 

Over recent years, more and more businesses have turned to ringless voicemail marketing campaigns to improve sales performance and reach a wider demographic of potential customers. Here are three ways your business can benefit from implementing a ringless voicemail campaign. 

What is ringless voicemail?

Ringless voicemail drops allow businesses to leave messages for consumers the same way that typical voicemail messages are left. However, instead of making a traditional phone call, ringless voicemail software directly inputs a voicemail into a consumer’s inbox. Utilizing ringless voicemail technology prevents your outbound sales calls from disturbing the everyday life of your consumers and allows them to interact with your business at their own convenience.

Ringless voicemail also provides businesses with the opportunity to reach more customers. Ringless voicemail technology simply inputs a message into a consumer’s inbox, so agents aren’t required to interact with each individual consumer. In turn, businesses can enjoy low overhead costs, which results in higher profit margins and improved agent morale.

Raise awareness of your business

Regardless of the kinds of products or services you’re selling, creating a ringless voicemail campaign can raise more awareness of your business. Since customers are likely to listen to missed voicemail messages, they’ll become aware of what you’re selling. To drive in more business, consider offering new customers a promotion.

Businesses looking to reach a wider customer demographic can purchase call information from data companies. Experimenting with different demographics can help your business expand its current customer base, as well as its sales potential, promoting growth and overall success.

Reach customers non-intrusively

Customers are often hesitant to answer phone calls from unknown numbers, and consider sales calls from businesses to be intrusive. Outbound marketing typically interrupt a consumer’s daily routine, which can create a bad relationship toward your business and lead to the loss of a potential lead. 

Ringless voicemail can help your business reach customers non-intrusively by directly inputting messages into their voicemail box, allowing customers to reach out to you on their own terms and schedule. Plus, ringless voicemail can help your business keep up with leads that might have gotten away if you contacted them using another method.

In addition, a ringless voicemail drop allows businesses to create organic interactions with their customers. Make sure to leave a genuine and personable pre-recorded message, and don’t be afraid to improvise the script to sound more authentic. 

Create a loyalty program

Ringless voicemail is a great way to contact past customers and offer them a special deal or discount. For instance, if you’re running a car dealership, contact customers on a yearly basis to offer them a discount on an inspection. 

Ringless voicemail also allows businesses to contact loyalty program members with information about current specials or promotions. Ultimately, offering discounts encourages customers to keep coming back to your business and helps establish a loyal customer base.

To create an effective loyalty program, many campaigns incorporate the “drip” method. This method consists of calling a customer once weekly over the course of a few months. Utilizing the “drip” method can help your business control the volume of return calls received and ensure that agents aren’t overwhelmed.

In order to integrate ringless voicemail technology into your current marketing strategy, make sure to research reputable software providers. Companies like Stratics Networks offer ringless voicemail applications to businesses big and small at low costs, enabling your business to increase sales and drive in new customers. All in all, investing in a ringless voicemail campaign can help your business grow exponentially.