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13 Ways To Prepare for Moving Out of State


Moving can be an arduous task, but making some preparations before you get started will help the process go much more smoothly. Here are 13 tips to get you thinking about what needs to be done before you begin your move:

  1. Make a Moving Checklist

Creating a moving checklist can help you avoid forgetting something important. If you prefer, use an app to create your list so that it is always with you on your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Get Organized

One of the best ways to reduce stress and make moving out of state easier is getting organized before you leave. Make sure financial matters are straightened out, including bills and any outstanding debts, as well as organize medical records in case there’s ever an emergency.

  1. Plan for Baby’s Arrival (Or Departure)

If you have kids, planning for their arrival or departure at their new home will be essential for making the transition go smoothly. Create a plan for what will happen on the day they arrive, including who will pick them up after school, who will provide meals for the first week, and whether you’ll be home on their first day to greet them.

  1. Plan Your Route

If you’re driving to your new home, plan your route well in advance so that you can take into account traffic times and delays before setting off. If you’re moving by plane, choose a flight that takes less than five hours to limit how long your pets must spend confined to crates during transport.

  1. Make Copies of Important Documents

Make copies of Social Security cards, passports, birth certificates, bank statements, and deeds so that if anything were ever lost, it could easily be reissued ASAP without having to re-apply. Keep these copies in a safe place away from the original documents, like a locked fireproof box in your new home or at a friend’s house if something were to happen.

  1. Check Pet Documents and Carrier Requirements

Before you set out on your move, check what type of documentation and carrier requirements apply for pets traveling with you across state lines, as these vary depending on where you’re coming from and going to.

  1. Hire Professional Help

If moving is simply too big of a job to take on alone, hire help. A long-distance mover will ensure that the process goes smoothly and handle all the packing, loading, transporting, and unloading so that no pets or people get hurt in the process.

  1. Designate a Place for What You’re Not Taking With You

Sorting through belongings can be incredibly difficult, especially if you aren’t sure what you want to take with you and what should go in storage. If this is the case, designate a place in your home where whatever isn’t taken will be stored so that it doesn’t get mixed up with boxes labeled “take” or lost, among other things.

  1. Dispose of Junk

Before you leave, clear out junk from your home to make the process easier. Either sell it or donate furniture, clothing, and other non-essentials to prevent them from taking up unnecessary space during transit.

  1. Create an Inventory of Your Belongings

Use a photo inventory app to take pictures of everything you own and keep track of what you’re taking with you so that if anything ever becomes lost or damaged, the insurance company will have documentation of its value.

  1. Research New Places and Events

If you’re planning to relocate far away from home, research new places and events (be sure to check local paper for listings) that will be fun for your kids before they arrive, as well as the best schools in your area.

  1. Get Your House Ready to Sell

After removing unnecessary items and doing some light cleaning, get your house ready to sell by de-cluttering (such as removing all personal photos off walls), putting furniture in storage until after you move out if necessary, and getting repairs done to ensure a smooth sale process.

  1. Clean Your Car Thoroughly

Before relocating across state lines, it is a good idea to give your car a thorough cleaning both inside and out. If you are delivering your car yourself, it will be ready to go when you arrive at your new home!


Moving is a huge task that can seem daunting, but by following these tips, you can make the process easier. Planning ahead and taking care of important details like ensuring your pet’s documents are in order will help things run smoothly when moving day arrives.

If hiring professional help, be sure to plan out what you want them to do so there aren’t any surprises on moving day. And finally, take some time to research fun activities and events in your new area to get excited about before arriving!

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