Worst Days on Taxotere: 4 Side-Effects You Should Know About

Taxotere is a strong chemotherapy drug that doctors prescribe to treat certain types of cancer. It, like other chemotherapy medications, can have severe side effects. If you’re considering taking Taxotere to treat your cancer, you need to be prepared for what might come. 

Keep reading to learn more about what to expect on your worst days on Taxotere. 

1. Epiphora

One of the most major Taxotere side effects is epiphora or, in simple terms, watery eyes.

While it sounds harmless enough, constantly tearing eyes can cause other health issues. Patients may struggle with never-ending itchiness, swollen eyelids, and an increase in “floaters.” They might also encounter infections and inflammatory disorders as a result. 

The drug can cause tear duct closures which can cause permanent tearing. If this were to happen, the only fix is an invasive surgery. 

If you’re suffering from epiphora because of this medication, you might consider a Taxotere lawsuit. Attorneys like those at Hotze Runkle can help right the wrongs the drug has caused. 

2. Cold & Flu Symptoms

It’s normal to feel completely wiped out when you begin this medication. 

Taxotere injections can cause your white blood cell levels to plummet. Your physician will order lab tests throughout your treatment to keep an eye on your levels. You may also need to take your temperature at home during your treatment to stay on top of fevers.

You may notice chills, a sore throat, achiness, and swollen glands and lymph nodes. Fatigue is very common as a side effect. 

3. Hair Loss

Taxotere is a mitotic inhibitor that interferes with your body’s cell division process. It is designed to target malignant cancer cells in your body. The problem is that it can affect the reproduction of other cells in your body, like hair follicles. 

It’s common to lose hair when you’re undergoing cancer treatments. Many people lose all their body hair, including their eyebrows and eyelashes. The problem some people run into with Taxotere is that the hair loss can sometimes be permanent. 

4. Fluid Retention

Taxotere injections can cause serious and life-threatening fluid retention (edema). Edema happens when fluid collects under your skin and within the tissues outside your circulatory system. It happens most often in the legs and feet, but it isn’t unusual to see swelling in the hands, arms, and abdomen. 

Fluid build-up can cause heart failure and poor blood circulation. You may also experience difficulty breathing, joint stiffness, pain, and even behavioral changes. 

It’s often very difficult to treat edema caused by cancer and chemotherapy. Your doctor may prescribe medication to take before your treatment to help decrease the risk of edema. 

Knowing How to Handle Your Worst Days on Taxotere

Taxotere is a part of many people’s cancer journey. You may have some of the above symptoms or you may not. We think it’s important to know what you might expect on your worst days on Taxotere. 

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