What Should I Do in the Event of a Motorcycle Accident?

You were just involved in a bad motorcycle accident. Do you know what to do? Are you overwhelmed with a sense of panic anytime you think of getting in an accident on your bike?

There are almost 90,000 motorcycle accidents every year in the United States. This high number makes sense, as a motorcycle is smaller in size than a vehicle, meaning you have more chances of being in a car’s blind spot and are more susceptible to an accident.

If you have received a personal injury as the result of a motorcycle crash, then you are in the right place! Our guide will highlight three steps you should take to guarantee you are prepared for what to do after a motorcycle accident.

  1. Get to Safety

The first step you have to take after a motorcycle accident is to assess your current situation. How bad is the accident? Are you injured? Once you have answered these questions, get yourself and others to safety as soon as possible.

When you remove yourself from the roadway and out of traffic, it can prevent any additional accidents or injuries. Then, once you are in a safe place, call 911 to report the accident. They will contact the police and paramedics, who will come to the scene to determine the severity of the accident, create a police report, and check for any visible injuries.

  1. Seek Medical Attention

Riding a motorcycle is freeing and exhilarating, but there is also no buffer between you and a vehicle. This means that if a car hits you, you are more likely to get hurt or sustain a personal injury.

Therefore, the second step after experiencing a motorcycle accident is to seek medical attention right away. A doctor can examine you, check for any swelling or bruising, and take x-rays to see if you have any internal injuries.

  1. Hire an Attorney

Once you have received medical attention, the third step to take after your accident is to seek help from a lawyer. You want to hire a motorcycle accident attorney since they have experience dealing with accidents involving motorcycles and vehicles.

Your lawyer will answer any questions you have, and if you have experienced a bad accident, they will come up with the right tools to use to handle your case. Here are a few things your attorney can do:

  • Gather evidence
  • Obtain the police report
  • Deal with the insurance company
  • Consult with legal and medical experts

In addition to these actions, if you have sustained an injury after a crash, your attorney will let you know if you are entitled to receive any compensation. Knowing someone is on your side, and fighting for your rights will give you peace of mind so you can turn your focus towards what is most important: healing and recovering from your accident.

You Are Ready to Handle a Motorcycle Accident!

You never have to fear getting into a crash on your bike again! Our guide has shown you three practical steps that will help you after you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. If you take our advice, you will always be well-equipped to handle any bump in the road!

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