Infinite Recovery Treatment Programs

Every person facing substance abuse addiction has a unique story, has traveled their path, and has varied needs. Most substance abuse treatment centers share a true desire to get better. Such recovery practices have the passion of guiding addicts into a life where they can reach their potential, find happiness and inner peace. Also, drug treatment centers adopt custom-tailored programs for individual patients because a therapy that works for one person might not work.
Treatment programs employed by Substance abuse treatment centers.

Inpatient addict treatment

In this case, patients are required to live at the treatment practice. It is the best preferred treatment option for patients who wish to avoid their current temptations so that they can concentrate fully on treatment and reach sobriety without any distractions. With inpatient treatment is provided with accommodation, food, and activities such as group or individual therapy. The treatment is beneficial and has higher success rates. Depending on the addiction level, the recovery program can last between one and three months or more. During treatment, patients are exposed to various exercises such as yoga and meditation that help manage some addiction symptoms, including stress reduction.

Outpatient treatment.

Outpatient treatment encompasses the patient visiting the treatment facility a few times a week as scheduled by the therapist. In this case, the patients still receive intensive treatment programs such as physical therapy and counseling. However, the treatment can only suit people who face specific circumstances that cannot undergo inpatient treatment.

Dialectal behavior therapy

The therapy might be adopted for several substance abuse cases. However, it focuses on the treatment of severe personality disorders. In particular, the therapy works to minimize drug cravings, help patients learn healthy coping skills, and avoid opportunities or situations that can relapse.


The withdrawal symptoms associated with specific drugs such as opioids and heroin can be dangerous and unpleasant. In such cases, the patients are given medically supervised detox to ease the symptoms. However, the detox will depend on the substance abused. After easing the symptoms, other programs such as physical therapy are employed to help in recovery.

Sober living

After the patient has received the required treatment, the therapists devise a plan to transition from their communities’ treatment practice. The programs help patients to be accountable for everything that they do in their daily lives. One can also receive help on how to form meaningful and sober relationships. Not only that, the patient can restore their life skills, including healthy eating, regular exercising, maintaining good personal hygiene, and maintaining cleanliness at their homes.

12-step program

The 12-step recovery program that originated from the Narcotics Anonymous forms the spiritual foundation for recovery from impacts of alcoholism and is an extension of sober living. This program also works for the family members and friends of the addict. Substance abuse treatment organizations have found the 12-step program to help patients stop taking alcohol or drug abuse and act as a guide towards a regenerated life.

Infinite Recovery in Austin, Texas, understands that substance abuse can arise from several issues such as genetics, trauma, anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. The practice ensures that they treat substance abuse addiction and identify the addiction’s root to address it. In case you or your loved one has been struggling with alcohol and substance addiction, they need to receive help. You can reach them out at or contact them at (844) 942 5748 so that they can help you establish your path to sobriety.

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