How To Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Exterior, Roof, And Plants

When it comes to Christmas lights installation, you either love the process or really don’t want to deal with it. However, one thing we can all agree is that the results of Christmas light installation will always be magical, the perfect accessory to the most wonderful time of the year.

Aside from indoor Christmas lights installation, Americans are also putting up lights in their yards and on the roof. Exterior Christmas light installation is a lot more extreme. When dealing with this type of activity, it’s best to consult and hire a team of professionals. Installing lights can be very dangerous and, if it’s not done right, you may even end up damaging your exterior, roof, and plants.

With this in mind, here’s a quick beginner’s guide on exterior Christmas lights installation and how you can prevent damage on your roof and plants.

What You Need:

Christmas Lights

Christmas Decorations

Decoration Clips


Measuring Tape

Outdoor Extension Cord


Battery Charger

What You Should Do:

Measuring and Planning Stage

The first thing you should do is measure everything so that you can have an idea as to how much Christmas lights you need. During this stage, you can also conceptualize the design that you would like to set up. Be sure to note down the available outlets nearby. Moreover, you can also plan the layout of where your outdoor weatherproof extension cord should go.

Christmas Lights Inspection

The next thing you must consider is whether or not your Christmas lights are working. Make sure that all the bulbs are properly functioning. You wouldn’t want to go through all the trouble of setting everything up only to find out that there’s one that’s not lighting up. Inspecting your Christmas lights before installation is a lot easier than replacing the broken bulbs post-installation.

Safety First!

When installing Christmas lights outdoors, you’re going to have to reach really high places like the roof. Use a sturdy ladder to do so. If you have someone to help you, make sure they hold the ladder firmly to avoid any accidents. This is why most people hire lights installer for this type of job. They are trained at setting up even the most complicated lights display.

Tree and Plant Decoration

When decorating trees and plants, be sure to use decorating clips or gutter hooks, as well as batteries for your lights. Clips and hooks are perfect for wooden surfaces. Plus, they’re a lot safer and more convenient than nails. As for outdoor Christmas trees, these are decorated the same way as indoor trees – start from the top and work your way down the tree.

Final thoughts: safety always comes first!

The holidays are all about spending quality time with your loved ones. You won’t be able to accomplish this if you’re too busy putting up Christmas lights display. Moreover, Christmas lights installation is a lot more difficult than you think, especially if you’re putting it up outside your home. Hiring a professional to do the job for you is not only convenient but also a lot safer.