How to Find a Good Las Vegas DUI Lawyer?

If you are charged for Driving under the Influence or DUI in Las Vegas after taking a breath test, you have only 7 days to request a DMV hearing to protect you from license suspension and other penalties. You could lose your driver’s license, pay expensive fines, or even end up serving a jail term.

During this stressful time, it’s essential to take control of your DUI defense with the best Las Vegas DUI lawyer. With an abundant choice of DUI lawyers in Las Vegas, it can be tough to make the right choice. Here’s how you can find the right DUI lawyer to come to your rescue:

Do your Research

The Internet can be a good starting point to find DUI attorneys in Las Vegas. Assess all the information available about the attorney from their website to get an overview of their area of work. Evaluate whether they have the right skills and experience in handling DUI cases in Nevada. Also, check if they have training and experience in criminal law.

Local Experience

It’s recommended to opt for a local DUI attorney who resides in Las Vegas. Even though the laws are the same across Nevada, there can be minute differences in individual judges and courts locally. Therefore, it pays to have an attorney familiar with the local environment to defer your DUI charges appropriately.

Professional Association and Recognition

When scouring the web for the right Las Vegas DUI lawyer, another essential thing to look for is the attorney’s professional associations, awards and recognition. A qualified DUI lawyer in Las Vegas should be tied-up with National associations in the US and state associations of Nevada. Membership in these associations is a good indicator of their credibility and reputation. Besides, honors and awards are other valuable aspects of finding the best attorney in Las Vegas.

Knowledge of the Law

The right DUI attorney in Las Vegas is well-versed with the local DUI laws and should also help you understand the basics. They should be able to explain your charges and the best way to come up with common legal defenses that apply to your case. With their wide experience of handling multiple DUI cases in Nevada, they can help you build a strong case to minimize your charges.

Communication is Key

When finding the right drunk driving lawyer, ensure that you speak directly to the attorney handling your case and seek legal counsel. As you speak with the attorney, this will help you analyze if they are the best fit to represent your case.

Flexible Payment Options

The best lawyers in Las Vegas offer competitive fees for representing you in the Nevada DMV court proceedings and flexible payment options for a hassle-free experience.

According to Nevada’s Criminal History Repository, 8,813 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence, and 84% were first-time offenders in statistics collected in 2015. In Nevada, you can be convicted for DUI for multiple reasons.

Unfortunately, a conviction can translate to the loss of your driver’s license, your freedom, and hundreds of dollars. Do not hesitate to get help from a Las Vegas DUI lawyer to fight the case for you.