How Likely Is A Local Covid Surge To Go Global

At the time of this article being written, the city of Shanghai has been locked down for over a week. No, this is not an article from 2 years ago—it is well truly 2022. But such events, as well as other COVID surges around the world, are making people question just close the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is.

Could another global wave take place? How do the professionals feel about the current strain and its effect on the world? These questions and more will be explored in this article, so keep reading. 

What We Know So Far

Experts are confident about one thing: Omicron will not be the last strain. As we speak, the BA.2 sub-variant of the Omicron is confirmed as the dominant strain of the SARS-CoV-2. Although there is more to learn about its severity, it has been confirmed far more infectious than its predecessors. 

There are also 2 more active sub-variants, BA.4 and 5 that have recently emerged in Botswana as well as three other countries. At There is currently very little known about this current sub-variant, but experts are closely watching their effects within the respective countries. 

What This Recent COVID Surge Means for the Future

What do the abovementioned developments indicate in a global context? While experts predict that the end is still far off, one positive is that our immunity to the variants appears to be moving in tandem with recent mutations. This means that, while the rate of infection is high, severity continues to decline. However, this is not necessarily a valid reason to get the champagne. A lack of diligence on an international level could cause future mutations to remain one step ahead of us.

What’s Taking So Long?

Factors like the removal of precautionary safety measures combined with vaccine coverage mean that the fight against this virus may be far from over. Many countries also lack the necessary medical resources to successfully combat the effects of the virus on the populace. For the current experience of the Islands of Fiji, for instance, read more.

The race between the virus’ mutation and our immunity is relatively neck-and-neck at this stage, but there is no guarantee that it will stay this way if we are not diligent. Experts cannot guarantee the nature of future variants, whether or not they will regain a degree of severity if given enough time. 

Time Is of the Essence

As you’ve probably guessed, there is no definite answer as to where this current COVID surge is going to take us. What you can take away is this: As long as there is no diligent plan on an international level, this virus is likely not going anywhere anytime soon. What that means for us worldwide, only time will tell.

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