How Diamond Jewelry Became Popular

As with many customs of today, the origins of engagement rings can be traced back to Ancient Rome. The Gemological Institute of America says that Roman women wore rings of iron, copper, and even bone. They wore flint and bone to signify a business agreement or to show their love and obedience. Later, gold rings were found in Pompeii’s ruins. This proves that shiny metal was the preferred material in common eras. Diamond jewelry was yet to come.

The official meaning of the engagement ring wasn’t given until 850. Pope Nicholas I stated that engagement rings were a sign of a man’s intention to marry and with gold, which was the most common material at the time for betrothal rings. In 1477, Archduke Maximilian from Austria proposed to Mary in Burgundy. This was the first time that diamonds were used on an engagement ring. It was the first known diamond jewelry to signify eternal love.

Although Archduke was the first person to propose using diamond jewelry like a ring, he wasn’t a trendsetter. Diamond jewelry wasn’t popularized until 1947, when De Beers, a British company that mined South African diamonds, launched an advertisement campaign. Diamond engagement rings rose in popularity thanks to the celebrity endorsements of Hollywood stars and the slogan “A diamond is forever”. Diamon jewelry was now in!

We’ve seen a shift in the preferences for engagement rings over recent years. Diamond jewelry is not the only option, but it’s becoming more popular yet again. Diamond jewelry has gone through its ups and downs but the reality is that diamond jewelry truly is forever.

Remember the 4 C’s when looking to buy a new diamond. Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are the 4 most important things to take into account when it comes to diamonds. Visit your local jewelry store today and find out what diamond jewelry works best for you.

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