Debunking the Latest and Best Manufacturing Myths That Exist Today

Are the best days for the manufacturing industry behind? That’s one of the questions that business owners and managers ask.

They need products to get manufactured to meet customer demand, but some of the best manufacturing myths get in the way of making smart business decisions.

There are a lot more questions surrounding the future of manufacturing.

If you want to know what the biggest myths are in manufacturing, keep reading. You’re about to learn the best manufacturing myths.

  1. Manufacturing Is Destructive

One of the biggest myths about manufacturing is that it’s destructive. It’s responsible for destroying the environment and plant workers because of unsafe manufacturing practices.

That may have been true a century ago. People tend to think of old footage of manufacturers polluting the environment.

It’s definitely not true today. Manufacturers adopted new methods like Lean Six Sigma to make manufacturing more efficient.

Many manufacturers have the latest technology which allows them to do more with less.

  1. Manufacturing Jobs Don’t Exist Anymore

Over the last 40 years, you’ve heard that manufacturing jobs don’t exist anymore. Most manufacturers picked up and left to get cheaper labor.

Manufacturing changed during that time. Manufacturers are bringing jobs back to the U.S. to have greater control over the supply chain.

The types of jobs getting filled changed. There isn’t a high demand for operators, but there’s high demand for engineers.

It’s estimated that 2.1 million jobs could go unfilled by 2030.

  1. Everything Gets Manufactured in China

China does make up a large percentage of manufacturing, with about 28% of total global output.

The United States is second with almost 17%.

Some projections suggest that China’s grip on global manufacturing is loosening because of the pandemic.

  1. Manufacturing Doesn’t Have the Same Impact Anymore

Some people look at American manufacturing and think of a bygone era. While many manufacturing plants in the U.S. shut down, the manufacturing industry is still strong.

It’s a vital part of our national security. That’s why the manufacturing industry is frequently targeted by cyber threats.

Organized groups of hackers look to disrupt supply chains and create security issues by hitting manufacturers.

  1. Manufacturing Managers Just Need Basic Skills

Manufacturing managers used to be people who worked on the shop floor and performed very well. They had manufacturing experience, but not managerial experience.

These managers would do everything they could to reduce costs. That doesn’t work in today’s competitive environment.

Manufacturing managers need to understand supply chain management, business administration, and the role technology plays in improving efficiencies.

The Best Manufacturing Myths to Debunk

The manufacturing industry continues to rebound from the pandemic. There are supply chain issues that won’t get resolved overnight.

If you want to remain competitive in today’s business environment, it’s critical that you can separate fact from fiction.

These are the best manufacturing myths that lead to bad business decisions. You just learned how to recognize them and what the real facts are.

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