A Guide To Help You Choose The Best Ultrasound Machine For Dogs

Dogs are without a doubt the best friends that humans can have. They are extremely loyal and friendly and the time spent with them feels just so fulfilling. They never judge you based on your income, career, or any other physical attribute. Any pet owner would want the best things for their dogs. So when it comes to choosing an ultrasound machine for dogs, it shouldn’t be any different. We will be listing down some important considerations that you need to consider.

The Ideal Scanner For Small Dogs

When it comes to dogs that are of small size, a scanner with a micro convex probe is good enough for them. This is something that is recommended by almost all veterinary doctors. This is because their abdomen is small. The advantage of that is the ultrasound waves are not meant to travel too far into their body. Micro convex machines can perform the task without any complications. This also means that sound waves of very high frequency are better for them. The benefit here is that these waves also produce images of really good quality. Any dog owner will tell you that proper images are essential for your dog’s ultrasound.

The Ideal Scanner For Large Dogs

The case is slightly different when your furry friend is bigger in size. When it comes to larger dogs, you will be a different kind of probe. This probe should be capable of scanning dogs at lower frequencies when compared to smaller dogs. The probe size will also need to be larger. This is because their abdomen sizes are also bigger. Large convex probes are a good option for them. The picture might not be as great as compared to smaller complex probes though. This is because their sound waves are of a lower frequency. Some of these machines also come with inbuilt features. These features allow it to scan the image of your dog’s ultrasound simultaneously. You can transfer these photos and share them with your friends and family.

Health Of Your Dog

One thing that you need to note is the health of your dog. It is important to consult a veterinary doctor before deciding on whether you should use an ultrasound machine on them. This is because some dogs can be very sensitive. Even the smallest of things can put their health in jeopardy if they are not a hundred percent fit. You certainly don’t want your furry friend to get sick because you weren’t careful enough about their health. It is best to seek advice from a professional veterinarian before you take any step. You would also need to check if any of their pre-existing allergies might flare up because of the ultrasound.


Your relationship with your dog is something that cannot be described in mere words. All they want to do is to play with you. So it would suffice that you are very careful when it comes to using an ultrasound machine on your dogs. We hope that the points mentioned in this article will help you to decide when it comes to choosing the right machine for your pets.