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9 Quick Tips On How To Properly Hang Wall Art In Your Home

If you are looking to buy personalized wall art for your home, then congratulations! However, if you find yourself stressed about where to begin hanging them, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 9 quick tips on how to properly hang personalized framed artwork in your home.

Assess all your wall art and plan them out

Once you have bought all your personalized wall art, take the time to assess all of them first before you start hanging them to the wall. It’s important to at least plan out which of the pieces will go where.

Follow the eye level rule

This is an important rule that the majority of homeowners fail to realize. Make sure that your wall art is at an eye level. Don’t hang them too high or too low.

Understand the shape of the wall

Another expert advice for hanging wall art is to understand the shape of the wall. Furthermore, this should be included in the initial stages of your decorating process. As soon as you have assessed your wall art, start mapping them out to suit the shape of your wall.

Make sure to use your frames wisely

A good tip when hanging wall art of different sizes is to utilize your frames wisely. Whether you’re opting for monochromatic frames or French vintage ones, make sure that it brings out your style and personality to the wall.

Utilize different sizes of your wall art

Speaking of frames, you can also use this to highlight a maximalist approach. If you’re showcasing different sizes of your wall art then be sure to also play or mix and match with different sizes of frames.

Use hooks rather than nails or screws

Here’s a no-brainer! Do not nail your art pieces to your wall. Instead, use hooks. It causes less damage to your wall and, should you decide to rearrange everything, it’ll be easier to uninstall and install again.

Do not hang a small artwork on a big wall

While the minimalist decor trend is all the rage right now, keep in mind that a small artwork on a big wall just seems awkward.

Do not hang your wall art too apart from each other

On another note, if you hang your wall art too apart from each other, it would just seem as if you’re doing it intentionally and not in a good way. Here’s the rule of thumb: the distance on either side, above, and below your wall art and that of another wall art should be around 2 inches. At times, it would even be less than 2 inches.

Opt for a gallery wall

Finally, for our last advice, and this one’s a biggie: wall art should not necessarily be expensive. If you’re on a budget but would still like to achieve a classy wall decor, then opt for a gallery wall.

Did you know that every painting hung in a gallery has been strategically thought out? This goes the same for when interior designers plan out how wall art will affect the entire aesthetic of the house. Hopefully, these tips were able to guide you on your next interior designing project.

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