6 Tips When Choosing Wind Chimes for Mindfulness and Meditation

Memorial wind chimes are great gifts for loved ones who wish to hold onto the memories of someone who has passed on. However, you would want to choose windchimes that also hold another purpose which is to help them meditate or reach a higher state of mindfulness. Unless you have been meditating yourself, you might think that windchimes are all made the same. They are not.

Know the tone classifications

Not all memorial wind chimes are designed the same way. Wind chimes, in general, are like musical instruments because they fall under three tone qualifications: contemplative, tranquil and festive. Festive chimes are usually labeled as cathedral chimes. They have tinkling sounds to them, producing happy notes. You would want to look for tranquil or contemplative chimes instead if you are looking for memorial wind chimes that would be used for mindfulness and meditation.

Assess the needs of your recipient

Based on your knowledge about the preferences of your recipient, will she prefer deeper, richer tones or more mid-range ones? For meditation purposes, the size of the chimes will matter because bigger tubes produce deeper and richer resonances. The standard meditation chime would have pentatonic tones in B or C. Most traditional Malay and Chinese wind chimes also have deep tones that is good for keeping a tranquil vibe.

Wind chimes with bigger tubes

Bigger and deeper sounding wind chimes are excellent if you feel like the recipient of your gift will be using it for meditation. Traditional wind chimes with bigger tubes and richer resonances are also good choices for contemplative or meditative wind chimes.

Always preview

Do not base your decisions on the appearance of the wind chimes alone. If the website provides a sound preview of the windchimes, play it. While festive wind chimes sound nice for a while, they could be a cause of irritation if they are always twinkling in the background. If you could, look into the tone of Singing Bowls. This tone is usually used in Buddhist meditations because it seems to program the mind to connect to the elements. If the tone sequence of the chimes you are looking at seem similar to the singing bowl tone, it might be a good choice.

How is the design?

You need to make sure that your wind chimes blend well with the surroundings. Most likely, the recipient would be hanging it on the porch or a garden so you do not want anything too bright or loud. A classic and elegant windchime is always a safe choice.

How balanced is it?

Look at the reviews of the memorial wind chimes as well. How are they made? No matter what material they are made of (brass or bamboo), they should be well balanced not just for aesthetic purposes. This would affect how effectively they would catch wind, and how well they would sound once hanged. You would also want memorial wind chimes that would last for a long time, so durability is a big factor.