5 Ways to Overcome a Car Breakdown on the Way

Have you ever had the problem of a car breaking down in the middle of the road? Strike is a condition where the car engine suddenly shuts down.

This kind of situation will certainly disturb your trip, especially if you are a layman with a car engine. Surely you will panic and be confused to overcome these problems.

Now no need to worry, there are 5 ways you can do to deal with a car that breaks down on the road:

  1. Secure Car

The first step you need to do is secure the car to keep you and other drivers safe. If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, then you push it over the edge.

After that, don’t forget to install the safety triangle. The safety triangle is an emergency sign that is used when experiencing problems during the trip, such as a strike.

Place the safety triangles on the front and back of the car with a distance of about three to ten meters. If your car breaks down on a winding road, install a safety triangle before cornering.

  1. Check Starter and Battery

One way to deal with a car breaking down is to always check your car’s starter and battery. When starting the engine, try to listen to the sound of the engine.

If the engine sound is not heard at all, then the most likely cause is a dead battery. If you hear a “click” sound, it may be because the starter doesn’t have enough power to start.

The way you can do to deal with a dead battery is to check the battery connection or battery terminal.

Open the hood and check the connection of the battery with the engine. There are two connections, positive and negative.

In order for both of them to conduct electricity properly, the metal in the two connections must be clean from dust and rust. You can clean the metal with a toothbrush to remove dust and rust.

  1. Check Combustion System

One way to deal with a broken down car is to check the combustion system. Knowing whether or not there is a problem with the combustion system can help in determining the cause of the car breaking down. The trick is to check and observe the car’s spark plugs that have been damaged.

If it’s gray, then there’s no problem with the car’s spark plugs. If it’s black, it means that too much fuel is getting into the engine. If the spark plug burns or even melts, it indicates the engine is overheating .

The way that can be done to overcome this is to replace the spark plug with a new one. It is also necessary to check the spark plug wires. This is to ensure that the spark plug wires can conduct electricity properly.

  1. Make sure the car’s fuel is filled properly

One way to deal with a car breaking down is to always make sure your car is fueled. Fuel that is running low or even completely exhausted can also cause the car to break down.

Therefore, make sure the car’s fuel is filled properly (enough) before traveling. If you run out in the middle of the trip, then you have to refuel your car at the nearest gas station.

  1. Contact Crane Services

The last step you can take to deal with a car that breaks down on the way is to contact a towing service to take your car to a repair shop. Or you can also directly contact your subscription workshop. Here Vehicle Pound Recovery London if you need help for your car.

Why you need Police Impound Recovery Truck | Car Pound Recovery Charlton? Because you can ask them to fix the damage that caused your car to break down. Usually the workshop people immediately know the cause and how to overcome it.

Well, those are 5 steps you can take to deal with your car breaking down during the trip. Turns out it’s not as difficult as you think, right? However, it would be nice if you always make sure the car is in top condition before traveling