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5 Maintenance Tips For Your Outdoor Water Features

If you are looking to add character to the unused areas of your yard then water features such as fountains and ponds, provide a wonderful aesthetic for any outdoor area. A water feature is a great addition to any yard and whether you decide to use it as a spot to relax or as the centerpiece of your landscape you could increase your property value. Keep in mind that ponds, fountains, and other water features require regular maintenance to stay working properly. Make sure to keep your centerpiece looking and performing its best with these 5 maintenance tips.

#1 – Avoid Direct Sunlight

If you haven’t already installed your water feature, be wary that spots that attract more sun promote algae growth and other nasty organisms to develop in the water. Direct sunlight will also cause evaporation, so to reduce maintenance ensure you avoid sunnier spots.

#2 – Regular Cleaning Makes a Huge Difference

The best way to keep your water feature working properly is to regularly clean it. Small tasks such as checking it each day and removing any debris go miles to maintain your pond or fountain, and prevents long-term damage from occurring.

#3 – Weekly Water Tests

If you have a feature such as a pond, then you will want to routinely check the water quality weekly. Water testing kits are affordable, easy to use, and let you know if the water is safe for your plants and animals.

#4 – Water Changes Twice a Year

Even the best-maintained water features require a change of water about twice a year. This doesn’t mean all of the water needs to be replaces, but about 15-20% should be changed to help remove and reduce debris, pollutants, and other organic waste. Doing so will prevent unwanted growth while maintaining a healthy habitat for your animals or fish living in the water. If you have a feature such as a fountain replacing water helps in the prevention of long-term damage to parts and issues like clogging.

#5 – Inspect Your Feature When Changing Water

As part of a two-pronged maintenance tip, when performing your twice-yearly water change, take the time to look over the feature for signs of wear. Ensure that you inspect, filters and pumps, for any damage or clogs, blockages, or leaks, and take the necessary time to complete repairs as you come across any issues.

Keep these tips in mind and your water feature is sure to last you for years to come and provide the tranquil getaway that you have always wanted.

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