5 Car Washing Tips to Clean Your Vehicle Like the Professionals

Cleaning a vehicle may seem like a simple task. If you don’t do it right, you may cause expensive damages.

You’ll need to learn how to wash a car—the right way.

Throughout this guide, you’ll find various car washing tips. Some will include the best ways to wash, dry, and detail your vehicle.

  1. Avoid Washing Your Car in Direct Sunlight: Best Way to Wash Car

Sunlight will cause water to evaporate faster. The water will dry quicker when washing your vehicle and leave watermarks. Because of this, you’ll need to waste time and rewash your car.

Wash your car in a carport or under a cover to avoid this scenario. Also, ensure your car’s body isn’t hot. A hot car body will also result in quicker evaporation.

  1. Don’t Miss Cleaning the Top of Your Windows

Cleaning products can build up in your car’s window jamb. Because of this, you’ll likely find:

  • Product dripping
  • Leakage
  • Streaks on your window

Once you clean the top of your car, roll down your window by an inch or two. From there, wipe the top of your window down.

  1. Use Two Buckets; Not One

Use two 4-gallon (15 liters) buckets that have built-in anti-grit grates. The grates catch any debris you brush off of your car. It also prevents you from scraping it across your paint when reusing your sponge.

Dedicate one bucket to dirty water and another to shampoo. Doing so prevents you from putting dirty water on your car.

  1. Only Apply Wax With a Buffer: Don’t Use It to Remove Wax

Don’t use a power buffer to remove polish and wax from your car. Doing so results in unsightly swirls spread throughout your clear coat. You’ll also have an uneven finish.

Before sealing your vehicle with wax, ensure you inspect all areas for debris. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your car when waxing. If you find any dirt or bumps, you’ll need a way to remove them.

Avoid using your fingers. You don’t want to leave fingerprints on your shiny car. Instead, slide your hand into a plastic bag to remove any debris.

Apply your wax with a buffer once your car has no more debris. Use a soft, dry microfiber cloth rag to remove excess wax when done.

If you don’t feel confident in doing an optimal job with detailing your car’s interior and exterior, you should consider hiring a mobile car detailing specialist.

  1. Use a Microfiber Cloth When Drying

It’s risky to use chamois leather drying cloths for drying your car. For instance, if your vehicle has any residual debris, the chamois cloth will scrape them across your car. Because of this, you’ll find fine scratches.

Use an absorbent microfiber cloth instead. High-quality towels will not scratch your vehicle.

When using these rags, be careful of the cloth tag. That can scratch your paint.

Use These Car Washing Tips for a Cleaner Car

You’ll find plenty more car washing tips. However, washing your car at the right temperature and using a microfiber cloth will help ensure you don’t damage your vehicle when cleaning it.

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