The proportion of employees working at home or utilizing flexible working arrangements has been increasing along with the advancements in information and communications technology. This concept is rapidly catching up both in large cities as well as small towns. Moreover, work from home has also caught up as a trend in leading international companies such as Amazon, Xerox and Dell. Not surprisingly, most millennials in India prefer flexible working options to maintain an optimal work-life balance. Avoiding traffic during the rush hours and saving on transportation costs are other reasons behind the growing push for flexible working. Indiabulls Partner is one such option where you can work from home. It can also help you earn extra money.

What is Indiabulls Partner Programme?

Indiabulls provides an opportunity to earn extra income with zero investment, anytime, anywhere! All you have to do is refer loans from Indiabulls Dhani to potential clients looking for instant personal loans. This helps you earn a commission every time a lead’s loan gets disbursed via your referral, enabling you to earn money while sitting at home.

How does Indiabulls Dhani boost your income?

Indiabulls Dhani provides an amazing platform to earn money online with its Indiabulls Referral Programme. If you are an Indian resident above the age of 18, you can become a partner and earn extra money with Indiabulls work from home programme. You have to refer potential customers who want to avail a personal loan and wait for their loan to get disbursed. You get a commission for each loan that is disbursed. Earn upto Rs.30,000 per month by referring just one loan a day.
For instance, Dhruti, an Indiabulls Partner, is a dancer by profession, but still manages to earn Rs 20,000+ a month by referring Indiabulls Dhani to potential loan borrowers. Indiabulls Partner gives her the flexibility to choose a time according to her schedule.

Here are some of the benefits which you can reap if you enroll Indiabulls partner programme:


  • Better work-life balance
    Work-life balance means juggling workplace stress with the daily stress and pressures of family, friends, and self. New-age employees demand better control over their lives and a bigger say in the structure of their jobs. Work from home ensures that you have a better work-life balance.
  • No investment needed
    Unlike many other work from home programmes, Indiabulls Dhani partner programme does not require any investment. All you need is a phone or a laptop with a decent internet connection. These are the basic requirements for any work from home job.
  • Be your own boss
    Being your boss can indeed be a liberating and exciting experience to embark upon. When you opt for Indiabulls Partner programme, you can be your own boss, which means you don’t have to work for anyone else. There is no need to set up any office or hire any more employees. You can work on your own accord and reap the benefits of it.


  1. Flexibility to work on your terms
    Flexible schedules could provide you with additional satisfaction regarding your work, better health, increased work-life balance, and less stress. Work from home enables you to have more control over how you utilize your time. 


  • Instant Payouts
    Freelancers all over are fed-up because of one problem they commonly face: late payments by their clients. Unlike other programmes, you do not have to wait for days to get that hard-earned money that you deserve. Indiabulls Dhani believes in the concept of instant payouts which helps you to earn money online. You are likely to get your payments as soon as your lead’s loan gets disbursed, and you can easily track your leads online.
  • Zero commutes


Work from home also enables you to reduce the amount of time spent on a stressful and unpleasant commute. Time is money, and nobody likes wasting their time on useless travel when they can spend on something productive for themselves. When you become a partner with Indiabulls, you can work in the comfort of your home and save your cost and time travelling. Also, zero commutes lead to a healthier and greener environment. You do not even require an office space and can work from anyplace and anytime.

So what are you waiting for, start earning extra money today. If you are looking to do that online, you should consider the Indiabulls Dhani Partner Programme.