Why Your Decisions Matter

Life is made up of a series of choices, one leading to another. Think about it. The moment you wake up to start your day up until the time you hit the sack to get some sleep at night, you are faced with choices and decisions to make. 

Should I get up out of bed immediately or stay for another five minutes (we all know it’s more than that)? What should I wear to work today? Do I need to make lunch for today or should I just have food delivered? 

All of these things and a lot more are on our plates each and every day. Some may be major while others trivial but the point is decisions need to be made, whether it’s right then and there or eventually. None of us are safe from the choices. Including their rewards and consequences. 

Choices Make Life Interesting

That’s one of the beauties of life. It is what makes things interesting. The choices we make have a way of affecting not just us but the people and events around us as well. The results vary. Some decisions end up as great ones while others will forever go down in the annals of history as huge blunders. Some choices can save lives while others get people in trouble. Some make things better while others make it a lot worse. 

But that’s what makes life interesting. How these series of choices that are made by individuals come together to paint a bigger picture. Like how the choice to not use a condom or practice safe sex can either result in a trip to an abortion clinic or start a family. Both results have advantages and disadvantages.

For a lady who’s not ready to have a baby, has endured something traumatic that led to the baby’s conception, or has physical incapabilities that require abortion, the option of going to a local abortion clinic can be an option. However, if a couple decides to have a baby, then it’s one of the most beautiful things they will ever experience in life. 

Either way, the choices we make have corresponding results. Someone once said that you have the freedom to make whatever decision you want but you are not free from its consequences. This is why choices should never be taken for granted.

The Power of Our Choices

Like the words we speak, there is power with the choices we make. We might think that only the important people’s decisions matter in this world. We tend to think that we need to be Bill Gates or Elon Musk or the President for our decisions to matter, which is farther from the truth. 

The choices you make as a youngster about which degree to take up in university will dictate where your life could potentially go. This will help determine your career path. And while not all university graduates do end up in the fields related to their education, a greater percentage of people end up where they initially planned to be. Of course, the changes in career paths are also products of the choices we make. 

I know someone who took up architecture and finished his education only to become a full-time professional dance artist. There was some sort of a compromise when he decided to take up the course. His father was an engineer who wanted him to become one, too. He wasn’t fond of it and was really more inclined into arts. The compromise was he took up a course that was both technical (for his dad’s sake) and artistic (for his sanity) but ultimately turned to become a dance professional. 

That was his choice. And although he could’ve had a great career in architecture, he was aware that his choice to go into performing arts brought him a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose. 

He is just one of the millions even billions of people who have made such decisions. Some have moved on to establish great careers, jobs, and businesses while others were left struggling. But their lives have been directed and are still being written by the power of their choices

The Power to Effect Change

The effects of our choices don’t only apply to our personal lives but they also impact those around us. Yes, you can choose to be positive and be happy despite unfortunate circumstances. That’s actually quite empowering. Yes, you can choose to overlook an offense and release forgiveness. That’s liberating. But our choices, whether good or bad, also affect those around us. 

For instance, we know we’re in a pandemic and yet still choose to not wear a mask in public places or keep our distance from people. Our choice to neglect the protocols set by the CDC and WHO could lead to us passing on the dreaded virus. Keep in mind that even if we don’t have the symptoms doesn’t mean we can’t transmit the disease. Asymptomatic cases are not unusual at this point so there is a greater need for caution since our recklessness could lead to others getting sick. 

Our choice of who to vote for and put in public service matters a lot. Regardless if they’re Democrats, Republicans, or non-partisan, the people we put in office will be the ones in charge of running our community, city, state, and nation. Your vote; your voice; matters

Your choices matter. Your decisions have the power to change your surroundings, the people around you, and your life — for better or worse. Never underestimate the power of your choices. 

Meta title: Your Choices Matter: The Importance of the Decisions You Make
meta desc: The choices we make have a way of affecting not just us but the people and events around us as well. That is why they should never be taken for granted.