Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Attorney

It is unfortunate for people, who have sustained an injury in a car crash, insurance limitations determine the amount of compensation provided to them, particularly in situations where the defendant has no or insufficient car insurance. Medical treatment is very expensive these days and if it is a serious injury, high medical bills will eat up almost all of what you receive as compensation.

Due to this, a car accident victim should hire a good Spokane car accident attorney who will settle for nothing but the highest possible amount of compensation for their client.

What You Need to Submit to Your Lawyer

More often than not, the amount of medical expenses following an injury dwarfs the policy limits. It is usually found in high speed collision that inflicts serious injuries on a victim. Surgery (once or multiple times), costly medicines and prolonged hospital stays push the medical expenses way up and medical facility is likely to put a lien on any supposed judgment.

For the victims, it is imperative to submit copies of their medical records and bills along with overdue bills to the lawyer. Without the requisite details, your lawyer will not be able to negotiate a reduced amount. If a medical facility or physician has sent you any collection notice for your accident-related treatment, submit it to your lawyer.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

A smart car accident attorney takes a sharp look at the insurance policies of both the victim and the offending driver in order to figure out the best course of action for the compensation claim. If you have picked up an injury in a car accident, your lawyer will check your own policy for special clauses as these may help you receive more compensation.

For example, a passenger may have rights for more compensation claim if the person is a relative to the at-fault driver or shares the same household with him. In such a case, your lawyer may suggest that you should seek compensation from your insurer instead of the offending driver’s insurance company.

Even before the case starts, your lawyer is likely to get in touch with one or all lien holders and starts the process of negotiation for a reduced amount. Given the limitations on insurance policies, a solid effort will be in place to negotiate a favourable settlement between you, the victim, and lien holders.

Your lawyer will inform the lien claimants about the progress during the actual case and keep them updated on how insurance adjustors are viewing your medical bills. An agreement should be reached with the lien claimants before accepting a settlement. Your attorney will want to make sure that repaying your liens will not eat up all of your money. It is very important, especially for a plaintiff who needs compensation to pay for medical treatment, on-going therapy and long-phase recovery.

Final Words

Fighting a compensation claim for car accident and injury is not the entire battle but only half of it. For a lawyer, the rest half involves deciding on the best way to help the client receive the maximum amount of compensation. Never allow high medical bills and low policy limits to discourage you after a car accident; instead consult an attorney and know the options available in your case.