Why You Need to Use a Quality Recruitment Agency

Businesses looking to expand often choose to take on new staff to cater for increased workloads and when doing so it is now important for these companies to use recruitment agencies to find and attract the best talent. Do not worry thought, there are now plenty of high quality recruitment agencies for companies to choose from, including specialist recruitment agencies such as admin recruitment agencies based in London.

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Benefits of Using a Good Recruitment Firm

Better Access to Quality Candidates

Recruiters often have greater access to quality candidates, thanks to the relations that they build on a monthly basis and the facts they get to work closely alongside some amazing clients and candidates.  Good recruitment firms have a huge head start compared to individual businesses, holding many long term contracts with job boards in the UK, networks of engaged, skills and friendly candidates searching for new jobs and the skills needed to persuade the most desirable candidates to apply for roles.

Saves Time

One of the amazing things about using a secretarial recruitment Londonagency is that they can save businesses money. Recruitment agencies are able to minimise many hassles:

  • Screening CVs.
  • Candidate communications, including follow up.
  • General administrative duties.
  • Initial interviews.
  • Salary negotiations.

This allows businesses to save time and to spend their time on other, possibly more important business aspects.

Greater Market Knowledge

Recruitment agencies keep up to date with the latest news, developments and current affairs in the industry they’re recruiting for. They know what the ‘going rate’ is right now, whether there is a skills shortage or candidate surplus and how this might affect your chances of recruiting and are able to supply individuals with all the information needed to ensure they have the best chance of landing their dream jobs.

Recruitment Knowledge

They know all of the best ways to ensure jobs can be landed by their candidates including but not limited to:

  • They know how to make sure your job adverts ranks highly, using popular keywords and phrases so that the maximum number of people actually see your vacancy.
  • They know how to write a compelling; attractive job advert that actually gets people to apply.
  • They know how to quickly, but effectively screen a CV, sussing out weaker candidates early on in the process.

Fewer Risks

The best recruitment agencies put their money where their mouths are, offering their clients rebate periods with schemes such as: – depending on the terms.

Anyone looking to learn more about the benefits and advantages of using a recruitment company to find the most suitable and quality talent, should get in touch with a local recruitment agency today who will no doubt be delighted to assist.


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