Why Scuffing Test Is Important For The Packaging Industry

What is Scuff testing

Scuff testing is the rubbing of two materials together. When you want to evaluate the rubbing resistance between any material that has been printed or any labels that have been made you will perform something called a scuff resistance test. The machine that is used to perform this test is called a scuff resistance tester. When rub resistance is being evaluated what the person performing the test is looking for is the damage that has taken place after the two items have been rubbed against each other. Again this test is usually performed on any labels or printed materials. The industry that utilizes scuff test is the paper and packaging industry. They are usually trying to see how much color transfers when printed or coated surfaces are rubbed against another surface.

Why Scuff Testing Is Important

Performing a rubber resistance test is important in various different industries but especially in the packaging and fabric industries. It is a federal law that all businesses provide their services to the general public with a high level of safety and quality. Any business that follows these federal and local laws usually has an increase in business because the customers are confident in the products and services that they are provided. The reason why they have confidence in the business is because when they receive any purchases the labels are clear and easy to read. So the customer can see any warnings or special notes in regard to the product or service that they have purchased. The reason why rub testing is so important in the fabric and packaging industry is because these two industries utilize labels on all their products the most.

What Does Rub Testing Determine For Printed Labels

When it comes to printed labels the purpose of a rub test is to determine the amount of scruff that may occur when items are being shipped, stored, or handled. The types of product labels that the rub test is used on are medical devices, pharmaceutical products, computer keypads, and much much more.  The test determines if the labels that are placed on these items or the numbers and letters on the keypad can maintain its legibility through wear and tear over time. An example no consumer wants to purchase a laptop and after 1 year of usage the letters and numbers of the keypad start to wear away. This is why the federal guidelines are put into place when it comes to rub testing.

The Importance Of Rub Testing In The Fabric Industry Outside of the packaging industry rub testing is equally important in the fabric industry. The reason why the rub test is so essential in the fabric and textile industry is because it determines the color fastness of the dye in the fabric. The rub test also determines how well a fabric will be able to resist stains. The rub test for colorfastness can be performed on a fabric that is either wet or dry. The proper way to perform a rub test on fabric is to take a small piece of the fabric and a white cloth then the cloth swatches are rubbed together and you see how much of the color rubs off the fabric. The tester then uses something called a grey scale to determine the exact degree of color that was rubbed off.

It is amazing how valuable a rub tests really is and what it is able to determine. The rub test determines how much wear and tear that a product label can take over time. It also determines how much wear-and-tear that printed letters and numbers on a keyboard can take over time. In regards to the fabric it determines the color fastness of a piece of fabric. The rub test is mandated by the federal government to ensure that packaging and fabric companies are producing safe and quality products. A part of being a safe and quality product is ensuring that the customer can read labels and the coloring is not being rubbed off of products doing the shipping, handling, and packaging process.