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Why Electric Fireplaces Are Perfect For Those With Allergy or Asthma

You’ve probably heard how switching from traditional to wall mounted electric fires can help you make your space more energy efficient. But did you know that this innovative heat-producing fixture can also be beneficial if you or someone in your household has an allergy or asthma? Read on to find out more about this topic.

The Dangers Of A Traditional Fireplace

Sure, there’s a certain kind of warmth attached to that fire coming from a burning wood. However, keep in mind that these fires still emit smoke — and they still contain tiny particles that when inhaled can cause respiratory illnesses and/or trigger an already-existing condition like asthma and allergy.

Unlike a wall mounted electric fire, the wood smoke coming from a traditional fireplace can also host other toxic substances, including methane and formaldehyde. These are not only immediately harmful for you and your family. They are also considered hazardous for the environment.

Over time, a traditional fireplace can also collect dust. If they remain unclean and not maintained properly, the dust will circulate in the very air you and your loved ones breathe.

This is why many households are now keen to have an electric fireplace instead of a traditional one. These fireplaces don’t produce fire, but they can still provide warmth because of the light sources equipped in them. They don’t contain harmful micro particles and produce emissions that are especially dangerous for the lungs.

More Perks Of Having An Electric Fireplace

Apart from wall mounted electric fires not emitting smoke, gas, or dust and other particles, they offer a lot more perks including the following:

They are easy to install and clean. Installing an electric fire is pretty much straight forward — you can even do it yourself and avoid paying professional installation services. And as much as they’re easy to install, they’re also easy to maintain and clean: You only need a dry microfibre cloth and some soapy water (if you need to remove tough stains).

They are capable of creating a cozy ambiance. As mentioned, this type of fireplace doesn’t produce fire. But thanks to technology, they can mimic the look of a fire; they are even considered a greater source of heat. And depending on the kind of extra features you want, you can choose an electric fireplace with adjustable brightness for added coziness.

They are aesthetically versatile. If you want to buy a wall mounted electric fire, there’s plenty of designs and styles to choose from. It will be easier for you to complement your already existing home decor.

They are generally considered safer. Besides being free of harmful substances, these fireplaces also reduce the risk of a home fire. But just for added safety, it’s better to invest in an electric fire with an automatic timer so you can prevent it from overheating.

They are cost-effective. As mentioned earlier, an electric fire can make your space more energy efficient. You can reduce your monthly electricity bills and allocate your savings for other expenses. And because they’re low maintenance, you don’t have to worry about spending too much for cleaning and repair.