White Dress Outfits: Ideas for How to Wear a White Dress Like a Style Star

A white dress is an absolute staple in every stylish woman’s wardrobe! The clean, crisp tone works as the perfect canvas for a world of cool and creative styling. If you don’t have one of these shapeshifters in your closet already, then you really need to grab one! Their versatility makes white dresses the ideal piece to invest your money in, you can wear it again and again in so many different ways! Here are a few fashion-forwards ideas to get the styling inspo turning…

Go western

The western trend has been absolutely massive over the past few years, and your white dress is the ideal foundation for putting together the perfect on-trend western outfit! Start with a pair of cowboy boots, add a floppy natural-toned sunhat and reach for a woven basket bag. An oversized canvas jacket will finish this stylish get up off beautifully.

Add different tones and shades

Play around with the colour white for a modern monochromatic look that is anything but boring! Don’t be mistaken, not all whites are the same. You’ll find whites with very blue undertones, grey shades, warmer notes and sometimes even a slight fluorescent hue in there somewhere. This only becomes obvious when you sit them all together, and when you have a mix in your outfit, you’re going to look both ethereal chic and very modern, which is a fabulous combo. Style your dress with creamy satin kitten heels, white resin and gold bangles, a blue-white toned headband and soft, silvery-white eyeshadow for a dreamy outfit that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. This one works for formal and casual events!

Denim accents

Denim and white are a match made in fashion heaven! Get playful with your styling and accent your white dress with denim accessories – hey, the 200s are back after all! Add some chunky white trainers, an oversized blue denim jacket, a dark black denim bag and accessorise with some colourful beaded jewellery. This might be a little out there, but if you’re a trend worshipper then this is bang on the mark this season.

90s grunge

A white dress might not be the first place your mind goes when you think of grunge, however, it’s actually a great way to add a little lightness to the deep, dark 90s aesthetic. Toughen up a white shift dress with a pair of fishnet tights, chunky doc martins, a boyfriend chain and an oversized blazer style leather jacket. If you want to grunge up a formal white gown, add some platform heels in a black or burgundy tone, layer up a few silver choker chains, paint on some black nail polish and add a wine coloured lipstick. A lacey shawl will finish off this elegant yet edgy look amazingly.

Bohemian Babe

Lean into the boho vibe and watch that white dress of yours completely transform! Slip into some woven wicker sandals, pile on as many gold bangles and rings as you can and grab your favourite macramé clutch bag. A shining gold pendant layered with a few delicate chains will add some opulence to your bohemian mood. To really capture the aesthetic, throw on a beaded silk kimono, add a loose braid and for the final touch, a pair of hammered gold hoop earrings.

Boardroom chic

Your dress can be completely dressed up for your office hours. Throw on an oversized boyfriend blazer, a chunky gold chain necklace, a pair of platform brogues and some cute white socks. Pull your hair into a neat bun and grab a leather backpack for the perfect smart casual look.