When You Should Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents causing long-term or serious physical injuries and/or heavy car damages warrant the involvement of an experienced lawyer to get a favorable outcome.

A car accident gives birth to an array of questions and queries as follows:

  • Who is responsible for the accident?
  • Who will bear expenses for my car damage?
  • Who will meet my medical expenses?
  • Who will compensate for wage loss?
  • How much is enough to make good for my physical pain and mental suffering?
  • Can I ask the insurer to give me compensation for the loss of income?

A competent and experienced Ventura, CA car accident attorney offers valuable help in negotiating insurance claims and settlements that are too confusing and chaotic to be fathomable by laymen.

Most personal injury attorneys demand a contingent fee to represent their clients and receive payment only after a successful resolution to compensation claim is achieved. Some victims represent themselves throughout compensation claim negotiations and other related legal procedures but such an effort makes no sense if the victim has suffered extensive and heavy injuries.

Knowledge is Power

Many a car accident lawyer is working in the industry but not all of them are equally efficient and experienced. You should turn to a person who has extensive and in-depth knowledge about personal injury laws and procedures that may have some serious impact on your case.

Any good attorney will inform you about the time deadline (referred to as statutes of limitations) for filing a lawsuit. The statutes of limitations vary from one state to another. For example, many states require the victim to file a lawsuit within two years of the car accident; otherwise, the person will be prohibited from filing a lawsuit. A lawyer informs his clients if there are any special exceptions to the time deadline.

Your car accident lawyer can file a lawsuit and knows the best possible ways to mitigate the defenses likely to be raised by the defendant. Furthermore, once your case starts, your attorney will make all efforts to ready everything for trial. The professional will represent you in a trial if negotiations for settlement fall through. Most of the compensation claims for personal injuries are settled without trials and in such cases, lawyers play an important role to secure most of the compensation claims through negotiations.

Having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney by your side levels the playing field, particularly when you are going to face a large insurance company represented by valuable resources and experienced lawyers.

Lawyers Do Everything

A lot of efforts go into successful negotiations to ensure favorable settlements. After getting involved in a car accident, suffering physical injuries and mental anxiety, losing wages, you are most unlikely to be interested in taking on time-consuming legwork to collect evidence, prepare documents and negotiate with the insurance company. An attorney speaks for you and represents your case throughout the compensation claim procedures.

Having an articulate and experienced advocate by your side is essential in receiving a fair resolution in your case.

Hemant Kumar
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