When Did Lift Passes Get So Expensive?

If you have purchased a lift pass from a major ski resort in the last few snow seasons, you’ve run across extreme pricing spikes, with costs nearing $200 to get a single-day pass at resorts like Alta, Snowbird, or even Park City. The purpose of this article is to discover how we got to this stage of a price threshold that for many riders sounds unreasonable, even insane in some circumstances. This is why finding discount lift passes in places like Utah is a priority amongst snow lovers.

It has been acknowledged that equipment and accessibility to riding are snowboarding’s largest expenses. Unlike other sports activities such as skateboarding, surfing, climbing, kayaking, and even mountain biking, snowboarding and skiing can be much more subject to varying prices. You can find discount lift passes at times, but even then the expenses seem to only climb.

The relatively fixed cost of equipment is one thing, but the vast majority of riders won’t use that new board without also purchasing access to a hotel. In this landscape of spending, it may feel that there’s no good anchor. Once it turns out that the normal cost of a snowboard, adjusted for inflation, has stayed almost constant since 1996, the cost of a walk-up lift passes has grown higher and higher. Discount lift passes are a must, especially when you have dropped half your paycheck on the gear alone.

Dedicated riders have constantly discovered and will find methods to slough off at the expenses of another season on the mountain. Closeout and used equipment sales, hotel jobs, and seasons pass all shave a healthy sum from the off-the-shelf cost of getting out there. Sometimes the only way of getting discount lift passes is by working at the resort. First-timers can save through learning to ride deals developed to ease the cost of entry. But the sticker shock at the ticket window introduces a barrier. So too does the consequential and necessary forethought to prevent this by purchasing a pass nearly half a year in advance of purchasing tickets early and online.

Discount lift passes shouldn’t be unattainable, and that’s why a Utah ski shop offers them in store. The expenses of skiing and snowboarding shouldn’t turn away newcomers and therefore discount lift passes should be offered much more often.

If you’re a dedicated skier or snowboarder, you shouldn’t have to give an arm or a leg to ride either. Just by visiting a shop you can receive a discount lift pass and be on your way to making history on the mountain!

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