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What’s the Average Cost of Bed Bug Removal?

Though bed bugs do not spread disease, they can cause several health issues. Humans that get bitten can experience mild to severe allergic reactions and secondary infections. In addition, people with bedbugs in their living space can develop mental health problems such as anxiety and insomnia. 

Therefore, if you see any signs of bed bugs, it’s best to get rid of them quickly. You may hesitate, however, if you don’t know the cost of bed bug removal services. This is because you don’t know if the service will bankrupt you or not. 

If you feel this way or just want to know about bed bug removal prices, read on. 

What Factors Control the Cost of Bed Bug Removal? 

You can expect to pay an average of $917 to $1,917 to remove bed bugs from your home. However, the total fees you pay to services like www.pointepestcontrol.net depend on several different factors. These include the size of the bed bug infestation, the methods used to treat bed bugs, and so on. 

You can learn more about these different factors below. 

Number of Infected Rooms 

Services for removing bed bugs will typically charge a few hundred dollars per treated room. Luckily, even if you have multiple bedrooms in your home, they may not all have bed bugs. If they do, however, you could pay more than a thousand dollars for treatment. 

Size of Infected Rooms 

It will take more heat, chemicals, etc. to treat a large space than a small space. For this reason, you can expect to pay more for larger rooms than for smaller rooms. In addition, some exterminators will price their treatments based on the square footage. 

Type of Bed Bug Inspection 

A bed bug inspection will tell exterminators where they need to use their treatments. However, there is more than one type of bed bug inspection. There are a few different options and some are better and more expensive than others. 

For example, many companies have well-trained dogs that can detect all types of bed bugs with greater accuracy than humans. This type of inspection usually costs a few hundred dollars at least. 

Treatment Used for Bed Bug Removal

Finally, there are multiple treatments that exterminators can use to remove bed bugs. Each of these has a price that can be cheaper or more expensive than others. Heat treatment and fumigation cost thousands of dollars, while steam, pesticides, and freezing can cost only a few hundred. 

Which treatment will work best for you depends on your situation. Speak with your exterminator and they can probably help you decide what’s best. 

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As a final tip, don’t cheap out on the cost of bed bug removal in your home. If you try to pay as little as possible, your home can easily get reinfected. This can lead to the invasion costing you more in the end. 

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